Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Haul

I still have every bit of those clothes and this pic is 5 years old

Ok. My name is Shawnda, and I have a shopping problem.  Yes I know I do, yall know I do but I now know that I have limits to my shopping and rules. Rule 1. Only stuff on sale. Rule 2. Set a budget. Rule 3. Buy stuff I need. Now this is me we are talking about and I pretty much needed everything I saw but I pulled back.  The only thing I always purchase that I feel you can never have too much of is jewelry.  I’m pretty much gonna buy jewelry every time I go shopping.
Since I had to work on Black Friday, I had to go shopping another day.  What other day to go shopping other than Thanksgiving Day.  There were a few stores open on Thanksgiving and I made sure to take advantage of the opportunity.  One of the stores that were open on Thanksgiving was Old Navy.  There have been a lot of people who have been dissing Old Navy lately, and yes while I agree that the commercials are whack, you can find some good basics and some things that you wouldn’t expect. I also bout some long sleeve shirts but i forgot to take pics of these.

This is a really cute brown dress with pockets (Old Navy)

Same type dress as about but plaid (Old Navy)

very cute short sleeve sweater. (Old Navy)

I call this my Kim Kardashian sweater. (Old Navy)
Please excuse the pictures… I took some with a digital camera but I cannot for the life of me find the cord, so I had to take them on the camera phone…
So since we were in the North Hills Mall area, we decided to take a stroll over to Sears, but it closed at 12 and it was already 11:55.  By the time we would have even gotten to the clothing department, they would have been turning down the lights!
So we decided to go over to Garden Ridge to check out some bedding over there and we weren’t disappointed. I found a very nice bed in the bag type thing and my Aunt found one even cheaper than mine.  I was also looking for some fabric to make some flowers from, but a lot of the material that they had on sale was too heavy.
I love love this sweater from Macy's and in a color other than Black or Gray

ok so back to black, but its cute (JC Penney's)

I wish i would have taken a pic of this on my neck... its so sparkly (JC Penney's)

ooh so shiny! (JC Penney's)

yes, on sale! (JC Penney's)
Ok since I didn’t have to work on Saturday, I figured we could partake in some Saturday shopping sales.  And you know me; we got there super early before anyone else and I picked up a few items that will keep me warm and sparking from Macy’s and JC Penney’s.
Don't judge a book by its cover, go in the store and check it out!  You can always find something in there...


  1. Very cute stuff! You should consider doing haul videos!

  2. i was eying the same plaid dress! cute stuff! cant wait to see wat outfits u pull together. :-)

  3. @Stiletto I would love to do some haul videos but i have have to wait to get a camera to do the videos and some more editing equipment.

    @BBM i cant wait to see what im gonna pull together too! Lol it should be fun....

  4. ooh! love that chunky bracelet!