Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gossip Girl--- “The Witches of Bushwick”

Gossip Girl--- “The Witches of Bushwick”
Sorry for the lack of last week’s Gossip Girl posting… things got a little bit hectic. Any woo… this episode seemed to be all about revenge and it was awesome.  See I never thought that Serena had a true purpose on the show. She was just a good time girl with nothing to show.
Serena has to make a choice, she needs to choose between Dan and Nate because everyone loves her… and the Post finds out about the “affair” between her and Colin (the professor). Lily throws down some law… get yo shit together Serena, life aint a joke! Ok she doesn’t say it like that, but she should have.
Jenny teams up with Juliet and Vanessa to bring Serena down. Lil J gets Serena’s sim card from her cell phone and starts sending text messages to Nate and Dan in order for them to hate Serena even more for what she is putting them through.  Lil J tells Lily that Juliet contacted her and Lily then sets up a meeting with Juliet. Juliet lets Lily know that she has some dirt on Serena and she isn’t afraid to use it. Well you know Lily gives her some hush money (isn’t that what it’s always about?)
Blair and Chuck are still getting it on. Well, until Blair finds out that because she is with Chuck, some organizations don’t want to be associated with her.  So they try to hide the relationship.
Chuck is throwing a masquerade ball and you know everyone is down to go. Somehow Juliet finds out what dress Serena is wearing and gets the same dress.  Juliet then goes into the ball ahead of Serena and with a mask on, she makes out with both Nate and Dan. Juliet (still in mask) uncovers Blair and Chuck’s private relationship.  Everyone is mad at the real Serena and no one believes that it wasn’t her doing all of this.
(This part I missed) Apparently Juliet gets Serena a mask that has some kind of drug on it which causes Serena to pass out.  Juliet then puts Serena in a cab and sends a text message to the Dean that Serena is withdrawing from school…
It was a good episode.

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