Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goin' back to your natural state...

When one says that they want to go back to having natural hair, what does that really mean?Well its hair that is no longer chemically straightened or “relaxed.”  There are two options in making the transition back to natural hair. You can chop all your hair off and start over or just go with the flow and have your new growth and your relaxed hair.  If you choose option two, then be prepared for some breakage because you have hair that has been damaged by processing and new growth which is stronger and not damaged.  There are several ways to help the transition to natural hair

•    Braids or a sew in weave- these are the easiest of the two options because it hides your hair during the transition phase.  Just be careful, the wrong kind of braids will create even more breakage. Also braids are good for those who do the big chop. Just remember you do have to have a certain amount of hair in order to braid your hair.

•    Mini fro- for those who want to make the big snip, a mini fro is what you will have when you start over. The mini fro is awwwesome. I like to see the girls who dye their hair different colors like Chrisette Michelle. So cute!

•    Comb or two- strand twists- very easy and simple to do, and can be worn for several days before having to re-twist. If your hair is left like this too long, then the hair will lock (unless that’s what you want to happen) so take it down on occasion.
•    The crinkle look- this can be achieved a few ways. Either with braids that you do yourself and wear for a couple of days and then take them down or (like I do) wash you hair and scrunch and dry. You can do the twisted braid or the three strand braid.
There are many of different ways that you can ease your transition back to natural hair. These are just a few ideas and if you want more in-depth ideas, just do a little research and see what best for you.

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