Saturday, September 29, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 11

Hallelujah! Ven was kicked off.  I really don’t need to explain why.  I will say this, he is very talented but we only got to see so much of him and it was all the same.  He couldn’t show that he could create more than just origami.

The designers start off at Babies ‘R Us and Heidi tells the designers that they are to create a look for her line a boy or  a girl look. There will be two winners, a boy look and a girl look.., I have a feeling this will be one of the best/worst challenges ever!

After the consultation with the parents of the children they are making clothes for, the designers go back to the work room and there is a little baby mannequin on each of the workstations. There are also babies.  You know those babies that they give you in High School that cry and you have to feed and change diapers. Yea. 
Elena looks like she is gonna die.  This crying baby crap is annoying the crap out of me and I ain’t even on the show.

Heidi comes in and goes to each of the designers and critiques the looks.   Of course this is Project Runway and Heidi throws in a twist.  The designers have to create a companion look for the mother of the child.
Christopher has got the worse client ever. She thinks she is the fashion goddess of the world. Bougie ass.

The guest judge is Hilary Duff.

All the judges had something nice to say about the outfits.  There were a few missteps.
A very boring episode towards the end.

Please stop using the word whimsical.  Sonjia and Christopher won for their looks.  Not surprising.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 10

Yes I know, I am such a bad blogger. All I can say is, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.
On episode 9, Gunnar was kicked off!  I know, that’s the same reaction that I had.  As much I didn’t like him in the beginning, the kid started to grow on me.  He is a great designer and he should still be on there.  I do believe and I know others believe the way I do; Ven should have been kicked off this episode.  I’m guessing they still want him there for the drama. Whatever.

The designers are meeting Tim at Radio City Music Hall to find out about the challenge.   Tim is on stage with the Rockettes and at the end Heidi comes out to tell them about the challenge and does a few kicks with the ladies.  The challenge, design a costume for the Rockettes and the winner’s piece will be worn in a future Rockette show.

Who knew Dmitry was a profession ballroom dancer at one time?
The meltdowns begin before we even leave Mood.
Elena apologized for being a bitch.  Ven started opening up over wine.

Back at Parsons, Sonjia starts to have a breakdown, again.  Elena’s design looks like something between a super hero’s costume and an ice skaters dress.
that shit was funny
“Yea, Yea.  Bitchslap that bitch,” said ever so awesomely by Tim Gunn.

Tim brings out a surprise for everyone.  This statement that I’m about to say is in no way how Tim said it, it is my interpreted.  Basically Tim told everyone that you guys need the help of Jesus for these designs and since you aint getting him, I shall step in.  Each designer got an additional $100 dollars and 15 minutes to go back into Mood and get what they needed.  A few designers opted out of not going to Mood and getting additional items.  When Ven says he isn’t going, the whole room cringes cause his design looks like crapola.
Sonjia’s significant other is hot!

Ven’s costume/design looks just like a dress.  There is nothing impressive about it.

Tonight’s guest judge is Debra Messing.  I’m guessing that they couldn’t find anyone else. Or cause she is on that show Smash.

Fabio is safe.
Sonjia’s outfit looks like Big Bird’s purple cousin.

The winner of the challenge is Christopher!  No shock because his costume had the New York City skyline on it. It was very creative.  Close tie between him and Dmitry.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 9

Last week, Alicia was kicked off.  It was no surprise.  Her work was just eh, nothing special about it.    That’s the thing with Project Runway; you have to be versatile in what you can create.  Your main thing might be sportswear, but you have to think out of the box in order to win and succeed.

Today is the textiles challenge!  I love this particular challenge because it’s cool to see what they can come up with in terms of patterns. The challenge is to create your own fabric inspired by your cultural heritage.  Mondo makes a guest appearance and so does the families of the designers.

Elena gets really emotional. Which is kinda weird?  Christopher is having a hard time creating a pattern.

Tim said Ven’s outfit looked like homage to a menstrual cycle. Tim Gunn for the win

The families get to join the designers for the challenge.  Mondo Guerra, winner of the season 8 HP challenge, is the guest judge along with Anya Ayong-Chee who was the winner of season 9 HP challenge.

Elena and Fabio is safe, which is a shame cause I think those had to be the ugliest patterns made.
Melissa, Dmitry, and Sonji are in the top.
Ven, Gunnar, and Christopher are in the bottom.  All deserving, to be there.

A very boring episode if I do say so myself, until they brought out Tim to talk about Ven.  I had to wait til the last 15 minutes for that to happen.
Dmitry is the winner of this challenge… good choice.  It was between him and Sonji.
The person who was out… dang.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion’s Night Out: North East Mall in Hurst, TX

I was excited. I could not believe that my favorite mall in the world, North East Mall, was celebrating Fashion Night Out.  This was unheard of.  I seriously thought I was going to have to go to Dallas to check out the some hot fashions and socialize with other stylish divas such as myself.  There is every type of store at NE mall, from Nordstrom to Forever 21.  Whatever your budget range is, it will be there.  I expected it to be off the chain.  
I left work early so I could go home and change.  I didn’t take any pictures and I will explain why later.  I put on some jeggings, a t shirt and some cute shoes; I didn’t want to overdo it.  My Aunt K went along for the ride and to see what was gonna be in the goody bag.  Oh and to get free snacks.

What I expected when we got to the middle of the mall was music, people, runways. I expected to see fierce fashions on beautiful women sashaying down a long runway. Flashes going off everywhere, tons of fabulous people eating and drinking beverages.  I got nothing like that.  What I got was four tables and a line.  The line was to get the stuff for a scavenger hunt before you get your goody bag.  There was a table with some food on it.  The food was brownies and bruschetta.  That’s it.  There were people on a stage, modeling clothes.  They would just stand there for just minutes at a time and then a new girl would come up.  Don’t ask me where they came from. Next to that was a table with soda and water on it.  All coke products.  THEN, they had a cardboard cutout of a man and you could replace his head with whatever celebrity you wanted to take a pic with.  I shit you not.

Aunt K and I grab the stuff for the scavenger hunt.  You had to visit at least four stores and get a stamp, return the paper with the stamp to get a prize.  We started over at Macy’s and were caught up with the perfume lady longer than expected.  She tried to sell me every perfume under the sun.  Next was Cache’ and they defiantly do not have big girl fashions, so we got our stamp and walked on out.  We headed over to New York and Company, and they had some tasty cookies.  The clothes are cute there and some of them fit me, but not many.  The last store we checked out was Francesca’s and it was pretty nice in there.  They didn’t have any big girl fashions, but the accessories were pretty nice looking and I figured it might be worth another visit.

We head over to the main table to grab our goody bags.  What a letdown.  The bags were mostly filled with coupons and what I think is a mirror that I still can’t get open.
Overall it was a bad experience.  I don’t get what they were trying to accomplish with the lack luster event but I will be hesitant to go there again for Fashion Night Out. And this is why i didn't take pics

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are MARRIED!!!

What the what?  I was logging into Facebook before bed and before my eyes the news popped up, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are MARRIED!  
whats with that smile Ryan?

Wait, is he divorced from Scarlett yet?  I’m pretty sure he is.

The couple was married Sunday evening at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine, and Blake’s very good friend) performed at the wedding.

I am so happy for Ryan... oh and Blake too.  Those will be some beautiful children.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 8

So last week, no one was kicked off!  What a rip… but I will say this, everyone did a fabulous job and the work that they put out was amazing.  Christopher’s dress that he put out was amazing, but he does the same shredding technique and he might not want to do it again anytime soon.

  This week there are teams again!  There is no budget, because they are doing fundraising.  Crafting materials were laid out and they have to sell it to people for money.  With the money they raise, they can then buy whatever they want at Mood. Oh, and they will be working in teams of three. 

The first group is Christopher and Gunnar.  And the blue haired black girl... Sonji.
Second group is Dmitry, Alicia and Elena.  Last group is Ven, Melissa and Fabio.  Let the fireworks begin.

Poor Dmitry’s group… the shirts look like shit.  Christopher and Gunnar are working surprisingly well together.
“They are like Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle,” great line Christopher.

Each team is creating two looks for fall.  One of these looks must include outerwear.  Whatever you raised is the budget for the looks.

There are people who are creating the same thing over and over again. We don’t want to bore Nina.

Guest judge is fashion designer Anna Sui,

Christopher, Gunnar and Sonji are the winners.  Everyone else, losers.

I love how Nina just waits to give her comments. I can see it in her face.

“Something should have been in that crotch that a girl doesn’t have.” – Michael Kors

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pop Culture Fashionista or Faux Fashionista: Kristen Stewart

The world’s most famous ‘trampire’ has made an appearance.  At the Toronto Film Festival, Kristen Stewart made an appearance on the red carpet for On the Road. Stewart rocked a sophisticated black Zuhair Murad dress with minimal accessories.

It might just be me, but I hate her hair.  I wish she would have pulled it up in a messy bun.  The ensemble with the hair does remind me of Coco Rocha, but I still don’t like it.
Coco Rocha

What do you guys think?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nene Leaks is a Grandmother

File this under, “What the Hell?”  Thanks to my friend AJ for the info…

Apparently when Bryce isn’t stealing razors from Wal-Mart, he is making babies.  Bryce also kept this a secret from his mother.  After running into Bryce’s girlfriend did Nene find out that she was about to be ‘A sassy, fashion-forward grandma!’

“I only found out about everything because I ran into Ashley when she was more than six months along. I said, ‘You look pregnant.’ Bryson’s girlfriend immediately responded, ‘Hasn’t Bryson told you?’
 “I always wanted to have a girl and now I have one! She’s just adorable.
I paid for everything in the nursery: the clothing, the diapers, I don’t want her to feel strapped. Little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes … We just love her!”

Nene shows off little Bri’asia Bryant in the new InTouch magazine.

Amber Rose is… Pregnant?

Yall know I love me some Amber Rose…

Is she or isn’t she seems to be the question on everyone’s mind right now.  Is Amber Rose pregnant?  Pictures have been surfacing showing Rose with what appears to be a baby bump.  Last month Wiz Khalifa shot down rumors of an expectant bundle of joy but from the looks of these pics… You be the judge.   Sources say that she is due in January and the wedding might be moved up a few months...

Do you guys think Amber is pregnant?