Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmys

Yea... we here at Pop Culture Fashionista didnt watch.  True Blood was on... Lets see... what do you need to know... Jimmy Fallon was the host....
Jane Lynch won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy in Glee

There was a Glee opening performance that i cant find.
A bunch of people on cable shows won. I watch some of these shows... but not enough to care.
More people are realizing that Modern Family is AWESOME.

I got yall on the next awards show... Wait... you say its the MTV Movie Awards?  Um ok... the one after that.

The End of Fabulosity?

As I was at home twittering my life away a few days ago (@lalaG) I came across something that came as quite as a shock to me. The Queen of Fabulosity, Kimora Lee Simmons is out as the CEO of Phat Fashions. Kimora posted on twitter was that she was leaving to concentrate on her other ventures in fashion. Upon doing research, there are reports that Kimora didn’t leave, she was forced out by the owners of Phat Fashions, the Kellwood Company. Why, you ask? Sources say that it was a cost cutting measure. Rumors of shoots being over budget, the cost of air brushing, body doubles and that she paid herself and her kids to appear in the Baby Phat ads. Don’t worry kids, Kimora will be ok and not going broke anytime soon, she still has her KLS collection, Kouture by Kimora, Fabulosity and her TV show, “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.”

Here is what Kimora had to say about her separation…

“After 14 years of conceiving and nurturing Baby Phat, it’s time for me to move on and further expand my other businesses and create a new phenomenon. I adore all those who have faithfully been with me since the beginning ... I’m forever dedicated to my family, fans and customers. My inspiration has always come from the fabulous women who have been with me through the years as we’ve grown from young party girls to power players! We’re ready for our next journey together and we’re taking a whole new generation of incredible young women with us. Girl power unite!”

Kimora, all your excess, Fabulosity, and bling, will be missed.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Outfit!

I definitely love to shop; being able to buy something new gives me that brand new feeling inside. What I like even better is finding great sales on top of buying something new. One thing I won’t do is buy something because of price or the latest style unless the item(s) are right for me. No matter how much I wished I had that style, if it doesn’t look good it’s staying in the store. There are factors that go along with purchasing clothes, which I feel many people are bypassing and it’s shown in their daily attire. I am very aware that clothes are suppose to fit but I am also knowledgeable that it shouldn’t look like you are squeezed into the clothes cutting off your circulation aka looking like you are in your younger siblings clothes. People are determined to wear whatever, whenever and has people looking like who did that and why?? It doesn’t matter your size, just make sure it is actually your size. Not all styles work for everyone, just because it’s the trend doesn’t mean that it’s for you. It’s not cute to see your stomach hanging over your pants or your body not looking proportional. There are many people that are not pleased with their body type but everyone has to work with what they have. Word of advice get clothes to flatter your body because otherwise the style is not flattering and technically is not a style at all. Save your money and save your feelings from getting hurt, only buy what works for you and not our celebrities or your friends.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not those pink camouflage pants again...

As we know in fashion, one day something can be in, and the next day it can be out. While reading through my magazine pile, I came upon a trend that made me roll my eyes, Military. The only reason that the return of military influence in fashion makes my skin crawl is the camouflage look. Yes you know what I’m talking about, lookin like you just left from hunting wild game… People feel like its ok to wear camouflage everywhere, and in every color. Ugh, the horror. As I thumb through my stack of magazines that contain fall fashions, I actually spot very few pieces that actually contain the camouflage pattern.
What are present are the military style jackets, which is paired with skinny jeans and boots. Flawless. The look is also being paired with the new color of the season, Camel. Don’t get it twisted and say khaki, its Camel. Some of the Camel colored items that are being showed are being made with luxe materials to make them look so creamy and dreamy. These items can be worn for seasons and never be out of style.

So please do not let me catch you in some hot pink camo pants or there will be hell to pay…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is this music?

R&B and Hip hop music has always been at the top of my list for music. However, here lately I feel like I am getting old because it seems that more and more the lyrics are starting to not make sense to me. Some of the music currently is making me revert back to the oldies but goodies like Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and Teddy Pendergrass. It’s not that I feel like we don’t have any good artist these days because we still have plenty like Alicia Keys, Kanye, Monica, Common, Beyonce, Ludacris and more. It just seems that junk these days stand out. No sugar coating, I don’t like Soulja Boy, I don’t like his style or lyrics. A “pretty boy swag” has me thinking what in the world??? Lil Mama is another one “Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Wit A Soda On The Side.” When that song came out I thought it was a skit that went horribly wrong. This leads me to believe that people will listen and dance to anything. There is no character or important meanings. People wonder why the children today are the way they are, look around if they started off listening to “Chicken Noodle Soup” when it first came out and presently listening to “Pretty Boy Swag,” what do you expect. R&B and Hip hop has to get back on their 2pac, Mary J Blige game and start making real music again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’m sorry, but you’re out!

There is a hair trend that I cannot wait till it leaves the scene… the faux Mohawk. (unless its on David Beckham) I mean come on, that’s like the douchiest thing a guy or girl can rock. Ok it kind of looks cute on most little kids but they are the only ones that can pull something like this off. If you are gonna commit, then do it like they did in the 80’s, full on spiked up hair that they had to iron with an actual iron to get the awesomeness. Bonus if you had the shaved head, so totally 80’s. The stuff they have now… no bueno. I thought I would never see anyone with a full on Mohawk until I feasted my eyes to this delight…

I love me some Badu… This is how it’s supposed to be done!

or you can do like this guy right here!



Dear Mr. O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly Disses Jennifer Aniston's remarks

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

I understand your concern in how pop culture influences our children today. You as a parent have every right to be concerned, but what I have a problem with is you picking on Jennifer Aniston over her choices in her future parenting. Listen, while I do agree that every child should have a two parent household, it's  just not going to happen. It is true, you don’t need a man to raise a child. I'd have a problem if Jen was some wack job who just wants to have babies for the hell of it, but she is not. She is just a woman who wants to have a child, Nothing more, nothing less. I have a problem with you not singling out other women who choose to have kids and raising them as a single parent. Who am I talking about you ask? Um Bristol Palin for example. She is rasing her son as a single parent. It's her choice and yet I don’t see you having a problem with that. Sorry Bill, if you are gonna rag on one of them, you gotta talk about them all. And please don’t say there is a difference because its not.
Do you think Jennifer Aniston will parade her kids and her relationships on magazines for money? (I mean she might..) Please Mr. O’ Reilly, sit yo self down somewhere. Worry about something else. Like your ratings.


P.S and way to help Jen's new movie that is coming out! She will thank you later.
The Switch Trailer

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I don't think you're ready for this jelly...

Recently I was reading in a magazine and I saw that curves were back in…. Excuse me, when where they out? Last time I checked there were an abundance of curvy girls roaming around. Beyonce, Salma Hayek Pinault, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and many other curvy girls are making the rounds in Hollywood and showing off bodies, making a statement saying being too thin is never in. I thought this was just a fluke, seeing as how I was reading through one of those fashion magazines where every model looks like a lollypop but then a commercial caught my attention. Have you seen that Old Navy commercial with the “Booty Reader?”
Old Navy Booty Reader
Yes exactly… when will people realize that curves, booties, and boobs will always be in? There will always be a demand in the fashion world for girls who are rail thin to show off the clothes, but let’s take a look at the people who actually buy the clothes. We as consumers are not like the models that show off the clothes. The fashion world obsession with the super thin models is one of the reasons why we have girls with low self esteem and eating disorders. Come on people…lets not promote super thin, let’s promote healthy. There will always be women with curves and we will never be out of style so let’s celebrate what you have.