Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Runway All Stars--- Season Finale!

Project Runway All Stars—Season Finale!
I am so sorry for the delay of this post; I went out of town for a much needed mini vacation to Austin and missed the finale!
The final three boiled down to Austin, Michael and Mondo, I expected Mondo and Austin to be in the finals, but Michael?  He has come a long way, I will admit that, but he seems a lil bit too cocky this season.
The finale takes place at Gotham Hall in New York City, a special location just for the Project Runway All Star finale.  Each area backstage is equipped for each individual and has a fully stocked Neiman Marcus accessories wall for them.  Austin frantically rushed to finished one of his designs, Michael is having zipper problems and Mondo can’t get the tights he wants for his clothing.  Designer problems.
Tommy Hilfiger and Ken Downing, fashion director from Neiman Marcus are the guest judges for this competition.  I still can’t get use to this Angela Lindvall chick… they need someone else with a bit more personality to host this show.  Anyhoo… Austin is the first to show his collection.  His collection is titled, “Austin Scarlett,” and there is a story behind it but I can’t stop laughing to tell the story.  It was something about vampires and romanticism or something like that.  For what Austin described as his story, it actually matched what he was talking about.  There were pieces that I couldn’t wear, but still beautiful all the same.  The wedding dress was to die for, although I wish he wouldn’t have added the black accents.
Mondo is next and his collection was named “Therapy.”  He explained that through his lack of inspiration for the collection he eventually came up with a collection and the process was a form of therapy.  This collection is completely Mondo.  The patters, the colors or some may say the lack thereof, never straying from what is Mondo.
Michael’s collection was inspired by the Serengeti and it was also the name of his collection.  Michael’s collection also was devoid of color but with the variety of patterns, it seemed like there wasn’t any color missing.  Each one of these collections looked AMAZING.  I would love to wear each and everything that was put on the runway, but there can be only one winner.
The judges brought out each designer and their collection (there was only six looks) and the winner is…Mondo.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kim Kardashian, please have several seats to the left…

Recently at an event for the release of her new perfume, Kim Kardashian was flour bombed. What is flour bombing you ask… well it’s when someone throws flour on you. Yes I mean flour you bake with. The flour was apparently thrown because Kim wears fur and we all know how those PETA people can be. Normally I would be in all pissed because of PETA doing such a thing to anyone but no one was hurt, but Kim is pressing charges.

Kim, you didn’t get hurt. In fact you got more publicity for your product and “brand.” I’m going to need you to have several seats to the left. By having this person arrested for “flour bombing” you, this creates another person that goes through the legal process and costing more money to tax payers. 

 Kim says she wants to send out a message to people that they are entitled to their opinion, but they don’t have to resort to violence. Please! I have a feeling the person who hurled the flour at you felt more pain when they were handcuffed and detained… You got flour in your face. Shake it off and move on.
What do you guys think?

Pop Fashionista or Faux Fashionista: Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning dazzled at the 23rd GLAAD Media Awards in New York City in a cream and gold vintage Halston gown. Fanning glowed in the lovely floor length beaded gown accented with Manolo Blahnik gold heels and a Ferragamo clutch.

I'm not digging the way she is standing, but she still looks fab.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Runway All Stars--- ep 11

(this post should be more, but im tired yall)
Last week’s episode gave way to who would be showing at fashion week.  The finalists are Mondo, Austin and Michael.  None of you should be shocked by who is in the final three.  Kenley was kicked off.  She couldn’t get past her own ego and that last dress looked frumpy. 
The designers have to create a five- look collection in four days and the budget is $3000 dollars.  The designers meet with Joanna and she gives them tips and advice on what to do for their shows.  The designers run all over Mood search for fabrics and inspiration.  When the designers come back to work on their designs, the designers are put in separate rooms equipped with table and sewing machine.  One designer is starting to feel the pressure and is lacking the inspiration.  This episode even goes back to when the designers would pick the models for the show.  I have always loved this part of Project Runway.  Isaac stops by to give a few tips, pointers and music for the runway shows.
Two days before the runway show, the designers get a new challenge, create a new look from the discarded fabrics from the entire season.  The designers get another surprise; they get to pick a former contestant to help them.  My boo Anthony comes back to help Austin, Mila for Mondo and April helps Michael.
Next week, it all goes down… will you be watching?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jibri’s Spring 2012 Collection

While going through my daily blog reading, I often run across designers who often offer new or interesting views of fashion.  One of these particular designers has really stood out because the clothes are letting curvy girls like me stay fashionable and on trend, Jibri.  Jibri is created by Jasmine Elder and the design company was started in 2006
JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. The label is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek in sizes 14-24. Jibri features a variation of punk innovation, classic construction, and vintage inspiration.
A JIBRI garment is created from unique fabrics and images. Each collection includes a variation of garments that focus on fabulous fit and individuality.
I love the Jibri 2012 Spring collection.  There are some pieces even I can’t pull off because I’m vertically challenged (anything highwaisted) but the dresses are amazing. Prints, colors, everything in this collection say spring.

What do you guys think?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Ep- 10

We are getting down to the final few on Project Runway All Stars.  Jerell was eliminated for his mess of an electronic design from last week.  I had a feeling he saw it coming after seeing his design.  We are down to Mondo, Michael, Kenley, and Austin in the final four and things are getting intense!
Tonight’s client is Nanette Lepore and the winning designer will have their design sold in her store all over the country.  The design has to be within a specific price range and ready to wear.  The main lesson of this challenge is to stay within a particular price range and to see things from the business side of the creative design.  It seems like all the designers are all having issues with their designs, well except for Michael.  Michael’s designs are all the same, you can’t mess up a repeat. On a side note, did you know that one of the models just happens to be a past contestant of America’s Next Top Model…?
This week’s faves are Mondo and Kenley and kinda Austin.  LOL his design is growing on me slowly.  The three that are going to fashion week is no shock to me.  You know the judges do have their favorites… *epic side eye*

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Return of Lindsay Lohan?

Some of us were in shock while watching SNL two weeks ago and found out that Lindsay Lohan would be the guest host on March 3rd.  Yes we are talking about the same Lindsay Lohan that has been in jail and rehab multiple times.  The same Lindsay Lohan who got in trouble for stealing a diamond necklace. Yes, that Lindsay Lohan is hosting SNL.  As someone who was a huge fan of Lindsay, I was kinda pumped  that she was going to be on SNL.  We all know that comedy is where she is best, but would it be the same?  Also, SNL isn’t like it was when she was a host the first two times, would they be able to spot light the comedy that we all know she is capable of doing.

The show started off great.  Lindsay allowed herself to be made fun off by the SNL writers and they did a great job of it.  Jimmy Fallon made an appearance along with Jon Hamm (from Mad Men)  who was there to be a replacement host if anything went wrong.  I was really hoping that Jimmy Fallon and some other SNL cast would have been on there to do some old skits, but that didn’t happen.  The show was actually pretty funny.  Of course towards the end, it did go a bit downhill but Lindsay did a great job.  We also got some more Jon Hamm during the show.

Now we gotta just figure out what wrong with her face

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Runway All Stars—Ep 9

In last week’s episode, we bid a farewell to Mila.  Her dress was not accepted by the judges.  I loved it because the concept of it was so different, but yet so Mila.    May I just add that Michael is becoming an annoying little man.  He just whines when he doesn’t get what he wants and I am so over it! And this chick is no Heidi Klum! So sorry for the interruption.
The challenge is to use light and technology into the designer’s creations. Basically your creation has to glow in the dark. We also found out who the guest judge was going to be for the episode, Pharell!  Pharell will use the winning creation in one of his upcoming artist’s video.  The budget was $300 dollars at the light and special effects shop and $100 at Mood.
The only one person out of tonights competitors that I really actually liked was, surprise, Kenley’s dress.  It was by far (In my opinion) the best.  It was creative and somehow strangely wearable.  Jerell’s was second… but when they changed it up during judging… the dress was so much better.  I was shocked how bored I was by Mondo’s dress.
Let me just say… the winner… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  And the person who was kicked off… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO