Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Runway All Stars--- ep 11

(this post should be more, but im tired yall)
Last week’s episode gave way to who would be showing at fashion week.  The finalists are Mondo, Austin and Michael.  None of you should be shocked by who is in the final three.  Kenley was kicked off.  She couldn’t get past her own ego and that last dress looked frumpy. 
The designers have to create a five- look collection in four days and the budget is $3000 dollars.  The designers meet with Joanna and she gives them tips and advice on what to do for their shows.  The designers run all over Mood search for fabrics and inspiration.  When the designers come back to work on their designs, the designers are put in separate rooms equipped with table and sewing machine.  One designer is starting to feel the pressure and is lacking the inspiration.  This episode even goes back to when the designers would pick the models for the show.  I have always loved this part of Project Runway.  Isaac stops by to give a few tips, pointers and music for the runway shows.
Two days before the runway show, the designers get a new challenge, create a new look from the discarded fabrics from the entire season.  The designers get another surprise; they get to pick a former contestant to help them.  My boo Anthony comes back to help Austin, Mila for Mondo and April helps Michael.
Next week, it all goes down… will you be watching?

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