Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glee--- “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (The Halloween Episode)

Glee--- “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

After a week break, Glee comes backs full force taking on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  Now I know a lot of the viewers of Glee most likely haven’t seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I have and it was great to see them do such a great job of (attempting) to recreate this movie.

The show kinda starts off in the middle with Carl (the super fox John Stamos) busting into the middle of rehearsal and then it goes back from there.
Will find out that Emma is changing because she is an OCD freak and because of Carl, her new favorite thing is Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Will decides to have the glee club put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Everyone was into it except for Finn.  The character Finn plays has to spend a lot of time in his underwear and Finn is afraid of his body not looking right. And I should add, Sam is looking mighty foxy in those gold shorts, but this all short lived because Will takes Sam’s place in the play feeling that it was too racy for a student.  Will does this because Carl is in the play and he is feeling a bit jealous of this.

Sue does a report on a show that talk about racy things that are going on in the school. Will realizes that what he was only putting on this show to help him get Emma and that it is a very inappropriate show to put on, but the show does go on, but with an empty room, they do it for themselves.
This was a great episode to watch in that the songs that were performed went along with the story that was being played out. It also had a good spread of who sang (meaning, it wasn’t just Rachel) and it showed off the ever foxiness of John Stamos.  Jamya Mays (Emma) sings her heart out and I didn’t know she could sing like that.
If you can, watch it on it was a great episode

 one more pic of John Stamos....


Gossip Girl--- “Easy J”

Gossip Girl--- “Easy J”

Alright, I know you guys missed Gossip Girl last week just like I did but this week it was back on and in full force.
At the beginning of the show, we see Serena in bed, but not alone. Colin (the guy who kept stealing her cabs) was in bed with her, but nothing had happened. Serena goes to class and finds out that Colin is her new business professor.  Serena decides to drop the class and to start dating this guy… until Lily finds out about this class she is taking. Lily goes on about how proud she is of Serena that she is taking college seriously and not taking just easy classes.  At a bachelor event where Colin gets an award, Lily finds out about the relationship and kinda gives Serena a guilt trip. Serena then decides to not have a relationship with Colin while she is in his class.
Nate’s father is transferred to another prison.  This happens to be the same prison Juliet’s brother is in. Nate’s father gets beaten up.
From the last episode, Chuck was calling Tim Gunn over at Parson’s to see if Jenny Humphries could get an interview because Chuck knows how much this piss Blair off. Blair found out about Lil J being back in town and Blair sent her little cronies after her.  The absolutely awesome Tim Gunn made a guest appearance on Monday night’s episode and he was full on “Tim” mode.  When Jenny when to show Tim the dresses, Blair’s minions damaged the dresses and Tim was completely mortified and thought it all was a joke.  When Chuck finds out about, he offers Jenny another chance at meeting Tim later on that evening.  When Jenny meets with Tim again, Tim lets her know that she got the interview because of Chuck Bass.  Jenny is tired of all the games and being a pawn, sends out a blast to Gossip Girl detailing her night with Chuck Bass.  Blair and Chuck then call a truce.
At the end of the episode we see Juliet waiting in an apartment. Colin walks in… and hands her a check… these two are up to something…
Pretty simple and basic episode, but still a good one. To those who think it was only ok, just think its setting us up for something huge to happen.

Every Girl loves Arm Candy.....

Arm Candy!
Every girl loves a little bit of arm candy now and then… no I’m not talking some hunk of a man (well that would be nice too) but I’m talking about bracelets.  This season there is all types of bracelets that are in style and at all prices. If you’re looking for something to adorn your arm, here are some options at different prices.

 For those who are looking for something simple:
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Bracelets with beads are back again... all colors and all types:
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We have cuffs that you can stack...

Miriam Salat Resin Feather Cuff

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And then there is this.... it absolutely took my breath away...

Vera Wang Wrapped Rhinestone Bracelet

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Monday, October 25, 2010

MTV has canceled The City!

awww poor Whitney
Well another “reality show” has ended its (very short) run.  MTV’s “The City” staring Whitney Port has been canceled. You might remember that “The City” was a spinoff of “The Hills” where Port once was one of the stars of the show. Rumors swirled this summer about the cancelation of the show and the rumors were shot down.  Port confirmed the cancellation on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and now she plans to focus more on her clothing line.
Meanwhile… Lauren Conrad is coming back to reality TV.  What’s the concept of her show you ask?  This show will focus on the business side of Lauren Conrad.

We can’t wait to watch! (Maybe Whitney can work for Lauren…)
Oh and check out Lauren's books out now...
Sweet Little Lies, L.A. Candy and Lauren Conrad Style

Glee's Halloween Episode

Yes you have heard it here first!  Glee is putting on a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode.  The name of this particular episode is, “The Rocky Horror Glee Show,” and it looks awesome. From the looks of the preview, this looks like an episode that shouldn’t be missed. Just looking at the preview, it looks funnier than the actual movie. There were reports that Susan Sarandon wanted to be on this episode but she got back to the producers too late to be included (which would have been great.) For those who are fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show, this will be an entertaining version and for those youngsters who have never seen it, well im gonna need to you to go out to Blockbuster, Red Box or bootleg and watch the original

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don’t be fooled by all these kids I got… I’m still Jenny from the Block…


We here at Pop Culture Fashionista just love us some Jennifer Lopez. We love her singing (don’t judge), we love her acting (only movies before The Wedding Planner) and we are so excited about Jennifer being a judge on American Idol (now we can watch again.) Now Jennifer is getting back into what she does best, looking fierce and this time she is not alone, she is with her two absolutely lovely little ones  Max and Emme.  Jennifer and the twins are featured in Gucci’s new campaign for the children’s line and the pics are adorable. Gucci will be donating money from the sales to UNICEF and to the Maribel Foundation which was co-founded by Jennifer Lopez. The clothes will hit stores Spring 2011.
Isn’t this so cute!?

Gucci--- Werk it Jennifer!


Conan O'Brien is back... well November 8th!


The wait is over! Conan is back! After months of waiting, Conan O’Brien unveils his schedule of guests that will be on the first week of his new talk show “Conan.” O’Brien’s new show starts on Monday November 8th and the first guests of the night will include Seth Rogan and Jack White of the White Stripes.  Other guests throughout the week will include John Hamm, Michael Cera and Julie Bowen. His new show will air Monday thru Thursdays on TBS before the George Lopez show 11pm Eastern. For those who can’t wait till his show airs, check out and find all kinds of funny Conan stuff.
Team Coco!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She don't look pregnant...

does this look like a pregnant woman to you?

Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, is 4 ½ months pregnant. Yes, I said it,  4  months.  We all know how thin Rachel Zoe is and you would not be able to tell at all that she is that far along.  Do you think her body can stand to handle the extra weight of a baby? Congratulations on Rodger and Rachel’s bundle of joy, which happens to be a boy. We all know that the little boy will be the best dressed little boy on the block.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Glee--- “Duets”

Glee--- “Duets”

Yea,  duets… that’s what this episode is about.
Puck is on suspension so Sam comes in to take his place (you know, dude with the lips). Mr. Schuster proposes a contest and whoever does the best duet gets a restaurant gift certificate. Finn and Rachel come up with this wacky scheme to keep Sam in Glee and to help win Nationals, so they try to throw the contest. First they were gonna sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” but realized they would win with that song and they choose another (and you would think Rachel wouldn’t over sing this song, wrong.)
Kurt wants to sing a duet with Sam but he is put off by Kurt’s advances.  Kurt’s dad gives him a speech about how sometimes he can be a little aggressive and that the world is still mostly homophobic and he just can’t do what he wants.
Santana and Britney are making out on the bed when Brit asks Santana to be her duet partner, but Santana refuses and opts for Mercedes instead as a partner. Britney goes to Artie… AND        has sex with him!
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" 
"River Deep, Mountain High" 
"Le Jazz" 
"I'm Born Again"
"Happy Days Are Here (Rachel and Kurt sing this song. Rachel over sings, of course, but it’s actually really good.)

Gossip Girl--- “Goodbye Columbia”

Gossip Girl--- “Goodbye Columbia”
 (I just tried to add pics and it wouldnt let me!)
War has been officially declared on Blair by Chuck and I’m so excited by this. No more of Mr. Nice Chuck Bass, we now have the devious one back. There is a class that Blair is so excited to take from a professor, Martha Chamberlain and become her TA, but Chuck stops her from doing that.  First Chuck makes a huge donation to Columbia to get in the school and then becomes her TA before Blair gets the chance and doesn’t let Blair into the class. Blair tries again by setting up the professor with a date but Chuck finds out about this and switches the male date with a female. Chamberlain is insulted by this and throws Blair out of her class.  Chamberlain then over hears Chuck and Blair talking about the situation and promptly quits from her teaching position.  We all know that Chuck is only getting started….
Serena seems to have bigger problems than Blair.  Gossip Girl sends out a message stating that a certain someone has a STD. Not good for Serena, not at all.  We all know Juliet is behind this, and so she convinces Nate to go get a STD test and Dan comes with him.  Of course Gossip Girl gets a pic of the dynamic duo going in and it’s spread all over.  The reason why Juliet and her “friend” wanting to take down Serena is still unknown and it’s still not over yet.
Juliet gets an idea, she wants to get a hold of Serena’s phone and she finds perfect opportunity at a party in Hamilton House.  Juliet gets Vanessa in on the plan and they take a peek at Serena’s emails. While searching around the emails, Vanessa finds out that Dan never slept with Serena (at the end of last season with the pic). Before Juliet puts the phone back, she decides to send a very suggestive message to one of Serena’s professors.  You know on Gossip Girl, the professor just happens to be there and they confront Serena about it and tell her she could get expelled for sending such and email. Vanessa hears what’s going on and wants to tell the truth about everything and as she is about to, Juliet slips the phone into her purse. Juliet then suggests that Serena call her phone and it starts ringing in Vanessa’s purse… Everyone believes Juliet when she says she has nothing to do with this.
Vanessa packs a bag and leaves Dan’s loft.

Glee Post... slightly delayed

Yea... so the job that pays the bills comes first so im watching Glee as we speak so the blog will either come tomorrow or on saturday morning.


Oh Lindsay...

She likes to party! Woo Hoo!
Ok we all know that Miss Lindsay Lohan is in the Betty Ford Rehab facility to get over all her issues, well Lindsay was busted for trying to escape. Yes trying to escape!  And what is it that she was leaving the facility for...Coca Cola. Yes, she was busted for trying to grab a soda, because even caffeine is banned from the Betty Ford Center. The only reason she was caught was because her partner in crime clothes became caught up in a fence. Girl... you need to get you some smarter friends.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Celebrity split!

This week seems to be popular for couples splitting up. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman, music producer, decided that it would be in their best interest to separate after about five years of marriage. The couple has a 2-year-old son, Max but they are dedicated to putting the needs of the child first. The couple wants people to know they are not divorcing nor is this a legal separation; they just need time to work on themselves and their marriage separately.

UPDATE 10-14
Christina Aguilera has filed divorce papers. Papers were filed in court today citing "irreconcilable differences" as cause for the divorce. According to documents, there was a prenup and Aguilera is seeking to stop Bratman from getting spousal support.

and a RUMOR.... some say that Christina was the one who cheated....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is it over for David and Courtney?

Our horror “Scream” film actor and actress David Arquette and Courtney Cox have decided to separate after 11 years of marriage. There has been talk that the couple would separate but nothing official until now. The supposed reason for the separation is to better understand themselves and their qualities needed for a prosperous marriage. They have a child Coco Cox-Arquette and insist that this will not affect their relationship with their daughter. However, other sources feel there is more to the separation than the couple has stated. Some believe and myself included, that it has something to do with the photos that surfaced with David and actress and bartender Jasmine Waltz. This separation doesn’t mean this is the end of the cute couple. There is a possibility that this couple can get their situation mended and get back to happier times.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Simon Doonan, if you don’t know the names then you just don’t know fashion.  Simon Doonan is the creative force behind Barney's New York and also an author of such books, "Confessions of a Window Dresser" and "Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You." For this Halloween, Doonan is planning on making you look fabulous while trick or treating this Halloween by creating Costume Couture by Simon Doonan at Target.  The line of Halloween costumes will give people more of a classier (not slutty) look. Doonan's looks will include everything from classic costumes to pop culture inspired creations like the infamous dress inspired by Michaele Salahi. Look for Costume Couture in Target stores now and online.

If you are looking for something a bit funkier but yet still sexy, check out Patricia Fields line of Halloween costumes called “Patricia Field’s Legendary Halloween. Everyone knows how she made the cast of Sex in the City to look fierce and now she is helping you out. Field’s line of Halloween costumes offers everything from a unisex Flintstones costume to masks to a different take on Alice in Wonderland.  There are even some pieces in Field’s collection that can be used even past Halloween (some of those hats and wigs are FIERCE!)


Between these Simon Doonan’s line and Patricia Field’s line of Halloween costumes, you will have plenty of ideas of what you can be for Halloween.

Simon Doonan's line can be found on Target
Patricia Field's line can be found on her website



So I happened to glance down at this kid’s shoes and I was shocked and confused with what I saw. This kid had on white sneakers trimmed in gold and black. What tripped me out the most is that it had the logo FUBU. Now, looking at this kid I knew the shoes had to be new because you could tell this kid couldn’t keep shoes white an entire week, nevertheless, years. I immediately contacted my top fashion friends and they helped me get over the shock. FUBU also being known as FB Legacy is definitely making a comeback. Now am I a fan of FUBU no, have I ever been no, will I ever be is probably a big no. Personally, the entire for us by us has never been my style. I know many people did support this trend in the early 90's. However, you have to get things straight here, just because it’s back, doesn’t mean you can go and pull out all of your old FUBU jerseys. If you do this you will subject yourself to laughter and you can’t say I didn’t warn you. If you choose FUBU, please let it be current FUBU.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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and Kim has one too... i just dont know what it is

Rumors and the Truth… what’s going on in Pop Culture?

Rumors and the Truth… what’s going on in Pop Culture?
I don’t drink coffee most mornings… what gets me up and awake is finding out what’s going on in pop culture…  Let’s see what’s in the news today….

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are getting a new show. “Kim and Kourtney take New York” (yall know Kim’s name has to be first…) will focus on the girls opening a new store in New York’s SoHo district.  Also, Kourtney’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, will start a men’s wear line that is inspired by Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Now some of us might think Scott is a dick, but you can’t deny that the man can dress.

Now I know yall are wondering about Khloe, there had to be a reason why she didn’t want to join the fun (other than she is married now and boring) maybe cause she is pregnant… (RUMOR)   There have been pics that show Khloe in a body hugging dress and a baby bump. Now I know she aint the smallest of girls, but look at the pics and decide for yourself.  I guess all that practice has paid off…
Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats are rumored to name their first born….Egypt. She got a couple more months to ponder on that…

It seems like Christina Milian might be pregnant… again… and by the Dream. (Rumor) Also, there is a possibility that there might be 2 baby’s daddies.  Question: Why would you even think about sleeping with a guy who served you divorce papers while you were in labor?
On a side note, I didn’t know the Dream was married to Nivea and had 3 kids by her…  WRAP IT UP SON!
The couple you never thought you would see… Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent. LAWD (RUMOR) some say it’s more of a “hookup” type of thing and that whenever both of them are in the same town they meet up. Um… whatever, I’m not even gonna show those suspect pics taken in New Orleans. Publicity stunt written all over it.
Ciara’s album has been pushed back until December 14th  O_o
Kim Zolciak has a new song out, “ Google Me.”  People who don’t even know what Google is will be singing this. Does she have to pay Google for this?
Jane Lynch (Sue from Glee) will be on Saturday Night Live this week!  You know there will be a Glee parody.
taken from

James Franco poses for Candy magazine… in my book, this kid can do no wrong.
Amber Rose (made famous by Kanye West) is RUMORED to be pregnant, by Fabulous. Way to get your name back out there.
Did Miss Tina Knowles have a face lift…. Ooh you just gotta Google those pics for yourself… get it girl!

Glee--- “Grilled Cheesus”

Glee--- “Grilled Cheesus”
Yea, I couldn’t make that title up even if I tried. This episode spotlighted one of my favorite characters Kurt and a subject matter that not too many shows can handle.
Finn is making himself a grilled cheese sandwich on the George Forman grill (he gives and explanation why he does, which is so true in using that grill) and when he lifts the grill up to reveal his sandwich, he notices something on the sandwich--- Jesus. Now Finn does something that no one else has ever done when they have found Jesus on a sandwich, he ate half of it and saved the Jesus part (most people who claimed that they have Jesus on a sandwich usually saves the whole thing, but not Finn). Finn prays for a few things, that the football team wins, that he gets to second base with Rachel and that he makes quarterback for the football team…

Meanwhile, Kurt’s dad, Burt, has a heart attack, goes into a coma and doesn’t know if or when he will come out of it. Kurt is devastated. Members of the glee club ask if they can pray for Burt and it’s reveled that Kurt doesn’t believe in God or any type of religion. The best line of the night comes from Kurt and why he doesn’t believe, "(God) makes me gay and then makes His followers go around saying it's a choice, as if I'd choose to be mocked every day of my life?"  Sue takes his side because she too has had issues with praying stating that she prayed every day that people wouldn’t make fun of her sister until she realized that no one was listening.
I always cry on an episode that deals with Kurt getting hurt and this one got to me when he said this line towards then end to Burt in the hospital, “I don't believe in God, Dad. But I believe in you, and I believe in us.” On cue, Burt moves his hand.
Religion is one of the most sensitive subjects in the world and Glee handles it perfectly by showing every side of the spectrum. There was more to this episode, but it’s one you have to watch… a blog just won’t cut it.
 Rachel over sings only on one song this week, but its a Barbara song, so it all works out
Songs during Glee:
Mercedes: Bridge over Troubled Water; I look to you
Kurt: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Puck: Only the Good Die Young
Rachel: Papa Can You Hear Me
Finn: Losing My Religion
Entire Cast: One of Us

Gossip Girl--- “Touch of Eva”

Gossip Girl--- “Touch of Eva”
Monday nights’ episode of Gossip Girl was awesome as usual.

Eva and Chuck

Blair at Cartier
With Chuck bringing Eva to the states, Blair tries to keep her mind off of Chuck with no avail. Gossip Girl as usual, keeps everyone informed on what’s going on and she peeps pics of Chuck giving Eva this very expensive Cartier watch.  While in the other room, Serena keeps tabs on both Dan and Nate through Gossip Girl. Blair and Serena both make a pact to not worry about their ex loves and we all know how long that is gonna last….

Blair decides to take a trip to Cartier to see how much exactly this watch that Chuck bought for Eva is. When Blair goes into the store, she catches Eva in the back room getting money back for the watch.  Blair tells Chuck (or Gossip Girl) about this info and Chuck confronts Eva. Apparently the driver needed money and she sold the watch back and gave it to him. How very sweet of her and Chuck forgives her.
Serena and Dan
Now through some weird chain of events, Serena is with Dan and they start doing Google searches on Eva (I was flipping back and forth from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.) Eva was a prostitute! Blair thanks Dan in her usual snarky way and runs and tells Chuck. And yet again, Chuck forgives Eva.
Juliet finds about Dan and Serena hanging out and lets Vanessa know. Juliet tries to get Vanessa to confront Serena.
Nate breaks it off with Juliet cause he is getting the feelin that this bitch is sneaky and up to something (trust your instincts!)
Serena is comforting Nate about the breakup, when Dan catches them.
Juliet and Nate
Vanessa and Dan get back together.
Juliet and Nate get back together also.
In Blair’s last attempt to get Chuck and Eva separated, Blair plants Chuck’s passport in Eva’s purse which makes it seems like Eva knew who Chuck was the entire time and only wanted him for his money. Chuck sends Eva on his way and figures out what Blair has done and tries to find Eva. She is gone. Chuck then fires the driver Eva gave the money to.
This was a really good episode and from the looks of next week’s preview, it does gonna be a good one too!
all pics from