Monday, October 11, 2010


So I happened to glance down at this kid’s shoes and I was shocked and confused with what I saw. This kid had on white sneakers trimmed in gold and black. What tripped me out the most is that it had the logo FUBU. Now, looking at this kid I knew the shoes had to be new because you could tell this kid couldn’t keep shoes white an entire week, nevertheless, years. I immediately contacted my top fashion friends and they helped me get over the shock. FUBU also being known as FB Legacy is definitely making a comeback. Now am I a fan of FUBU no, have I ever been no, will I ever be is probably a big no. Personally, the entire for us by us has never been my style. I know many people did support this trend in the early 90's. However, you have to get things straight here, just because it’s back, doesn’t mean you can go and pull out all of your old FUBU jerseys. If you do this you will subject yourself to laughter and you can’t say I didn’t warn you. If you choose FUBU, please let it be current FUBU.

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