Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gossip Girl--- “Touch of Eva”

Gossip Girl--- “Touch of Eva”
Monday nights’ episode of Gossip Girl was awesome as usual.

Eva and Chuck

Blair at Cartier
With Chuck bringing Eva to the states, Blair tries to keep her mind off of Chuck with no avail. Gossip Girl as usual, keeps everyone informed on what’s going on and she peeps pics of Chuck giving Eva this very expensive Cartier watch.  While in the other room, Serena keeps tabs on both Dan and Nate through Gossip Girl. Blair and Serena both make a pact to not worry about their ex loves and we all know how long that is gonna last….

Blair decides to take a trip to Cartier to see how much exactly this watch that Chuck bought for Eva is. When Blair goes into the store, she catches Eva in the back room getting money back for the watch.  Blair tells Chuck (or Gossip Girl) about this info and Chuck confronts Eva. Apparently the driver needed money and she sold the watch back and gave it to him. How very sweet of her and Chuck forgives her.
Serena and Dan
Now through some weird chain of events, Serena is with Dan and they start doing Google searches on Eva (I was flipping back and forth from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.) Eva was a prostitute! Blair thanks Dan in her usual snarky way and runs and tells Chuck. And yet again, Chuck forgives Eva.
Juliet finds about Dan and Serena hanging out and lets Vanessa know. Juliet tries to get Vanessa to confront Serena.
Nate breaks it off with Juliet cause he is getting the feelin that this bitch is sneaky and up to something (trust your instincts!)
Serena is comforting Nate about the breakup, when Dan catches them.
Juliet and Nate
Vanessa and Dan get back together.
Juliet and Nate get back together also.
In Blair’s last attempt to get Chuck and Eva separated, Blair plants Chuck’s passport in Eva’s purse which makes it seems like Eva knew who Chuck was the entire time and only wanted him for his money. Chuck sends Eva on his way and figures out what Blair has done and tries to find Eva. She is gone. Chuck then fires the driver Eva gave the money to.
This was a really good episode and from the looks of next week’s preview, it does gonna be a good one too!
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