Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glee--- “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (The Halloween Episode)

Glee--- “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

After a week break, Glee comes backs full force taking on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  Now I know a lot of the viewers of Glee most likely haven’t seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I have and it was great to see them do such a great job of (attempting) to recreate this movie.

The show kinda starts off in the middle with Carl (the super fox John Stamos) busting into the middle of rehearsal and then it goes back from there.
Will find out that Emma is changing because she is an OCD freak and because of Carl, her new favorite thing is Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Will decides to have the glee club put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Everyone was into it except for Finn.  The character Finn plays has to spend a lot of time in his underwear and Finn is afraid of his body not looking right. And I should add, Sam is looking mighty foxy in those gold shorts, but this all short lived because Will takes Sam’s place in the play feeling that it was too racy for a student.  Will does this because Carl is in the play and he is feeling a bit jealous of this.

Sue does a report on a show that talk about racy things that are going on in the school. Will realizes that what he was only putting on this show to help him get Emma and that it is a very inappropriate show to put on, but the show does go on, but with an empty room, they do it for themselves.
This was a great episode to watch in that the songs that were performed went along with the story that was being played out. It also had a good spread of who sang (meaning, it wasn’t just Rachel) and it showed off the ever foxiness of John Stamos.  Jamya Mays (Emma) sings her heart out and I didn’t know she could sing like that.
If you can, watch it on it was a great episode

 one more pic of John Stamos....


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