Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gossip Girl--- “Goodbye Columbia”

Gossip Girl--- “Goodbye Columbia”
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War has been officially declared on Blair by Chuck and I’m so excited by this. No more of Mr. Nice Chuck Bass, we now have the devious one back. There is a class that Blair is so excited to take from a professor, Martha Chamberlain and become her TA, but Chuck stops her from doing that.  First Chuck makes a huge donation to Columbia to get in the school and then becomes her TA before Blair gets the chance and doesn’t let Blair into the class. Blair tries again by setting up the professor with a date but Chuck finds out about this and switches the male date with a female. Chamberlain is insulted by this and throws Blair out of her class.  Chamberlain then over hears Chuck and Blair talking about the situation and promptly quits from her teaching position.  We all know that Chuck is only getting started….
Serena seems to have bigger problems than Blair.  Gossip Girl sends out a message stating that a certain someone has a STD. Not good for Serena, not at all.  We all know Juliet is behind this, and so she convinces Nate to go get a STD test and Dan comes with him.  Of course Gossip Girl gets a pic of the dynamic duo going in and it’s spread all over.  The reason why Juliet and her “friend” wanting to take down Serena is still unknown and it’s still not over yet.
Juliet gets an idea, she wants to get a hold of Serena’s phone and she finds perfect opportunity at a party in Hamilton House.  Juliet gets Vanessa in on the plan and they take a peek at Serena’s emails. While searching around the emails, Vanessa finds out that Dan never slept with Serena (at the end of last season with the pic). Before Juliet puts the phone back, she decides to send a very suggestive message to one of Serena’s professors.  You know on Gossip Girl, the professor just happens to be there and they confront Serena about it and tell her she could get expelled for sending such and email. Vanessa hears what’s going on and wants to tell the truth about everything and as she is about to, Juliet slips the phone into her purse. Juliet then suggests that Serena call her phone and it starts ringing in Vanessa’s purse… Everyone believes Juliet when she says she has nothing to do with this.
Vanessa packs a bag and leaves Dan’s loft.

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