Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glee--- “Grilled Cheesus”

Glee--- “Grilled Cheesus”
Yea, I couldn’t make that title up even if I tried. This episode spotlighted one of my favorite characters Kurt and a subject matter that not too many shows can handle.
Finn is making himself a grilled cheese sandwich on the George Forman grill (he gives and explanation why he does, which is so true in using that grill) and when he lifts the grill up to reveal his sandwich, he notices something on the sandwich--- Jesus. Now Finn does something that no one else has ever done when they have found Jesus on a sandwich, he ate half of it and saved the Jesus part (most people who claimed that they have Jesus on a sandwich usually saves the whole thing, but not Finn). Finn prays for a few things, that the football team wins, that he gets to second base with Rachel and that he makes quarterback for the football team…

Meanwhile, Kurt’s dad, Burt, has a heart attack, goes into a coma and doesn’t know if or when he will come out of it. Kurt is devastated. Members of the glee club ask if they can pray for Burt and it’s reveled that Kurt doesn’t believe in God or any type of religion. The best line of the night comes from Kurt and why he doesn’t believe, "(God) makes me gay and then makes His followers go around saying it's a choice, as if I'd choose to be mocked every day of my life?"  Sue takes his side because she too has had issues with praying stating that she prayed every day that people wouldn’t make fun of her sister until she realized that no one was listening.
I always cry on an episode that deals with Kurt getting hurt and this one got to me when he said this line towards then end to Burt in the hospital, “I don't believe in God, Dad. But I believe in you, and I believe in us.” On cue, Burt moves his hand.
Religion is one of the most sensitive subjects in the world and Glee handles it perfectly by showing every side of the spectrum. There was more to this episode, but it’s one you have to watch… a blog just won’t cut it.
 Rachel over sings only on one song this week, but its a Barbara song, so it all works out
Songs during Glee:
Mercedes: Bridge over Troubled Water; I look to you
Kurt: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Puck: Only the Good Die Young
Rachel: Papa Can You Hear Me
Finn: Losing My Religion
Entire Cast: One of Us

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  1. I just love this show, and this episode was a great one. I thought they handled the topic of religion in a wonderful way. They had people who strongly believe, people who don't believe, and people, like Finn bless his little pointed head, who aren't really sure how the whole "religion" thing actually works, but is willing to give it a shot. My personal favorite song of the ep was Kurt singing "I wanna hold your hand". Beautiful. Now...on another topic, um, am I the only one who is getting kinda tired of Rachel?