Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Runway All Stars--- Season Finale!

Project Runway All Stars—Season Finale!
I am so sorry for the delay of this post; I went out of town for a much needed mini vacation to Austin and missed the finale!
The final three boiled down to Austin, Michael and Mondo, I expected Mondo and Austin to be in the finals, but Michael?  He has come a long way, I will admit that, but he seems a lil bit too cocky this season.
The finale takes place at Gotham Hall in New York City, a special location just for the Project Runway All Star finale.  Each area backstage is equipped for each individual and has a fully stocked Neiman Marcus accessories wall for them.  Austin frantically rushed to finished one of his designs, Michael is having zipper problems and Mondo can’t get the tights he wants for his clothing.  Designer problems.
Tommy Hilfiger and Ken Downing, fashion director from Neiman Marcus are the guest judges for this competition.  I still can’t get use to this Angela Lindvall chick… they need someone else with a bit more personality to host this show.  Anyhoo… Austin is the first to show his collection.  His collection is titled, “Austin Scarlett,” and there is a story behind it but I can’t stop laughing to tell the story.  It was something about vampires and romanticism or something like that.  For what Austin described as his story, it actually matched what he was talking about.  There were pieces that I couldn’t wear, but still beautiful all the same.  The wedding dress was to die for, although I wish he wouldn’t have added the black accents.
Mondo is next and his collection was named “Therapy.”  He explained that through his lack of inspiration for the collection he eventually came up with a collection and the process was a form of therapy.  This collection is completely Mondo.  The patters, the colors or some may say the lack thereof, never straying from what is Mondo.
Michael’s collection was inspired by the Serengeti and it was also the name of his collection.  Michael’s collection also was devoid of color but with the variety of patterns, it seemed like there wasn’t any color missing.  Each one of these collections looked AMAZING.  I would love to wear each and everything that was put on the runway, but there can be only one winner.
The judges brought out each designer and their collection (there was only six looks) and the winner is…Mondo.

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