Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Return of Lindsay Lohan?

Some of us were in shock while watching SNL two weeks ago and found out that Lindsay Lohan would be the guest host on March 3rd.  Yes we are talking about the same Lindsay Lohan that has been in jail and rehab multiple times.  The same Lindsay Lohan who got in trouble for stealing a diamond necklace. Yes, that Lindsay Lohan is hosting SNL.  As someone who was a huge fan of Lindsay, I was kinda pumped  that she was going to be on SNL.  We all know that comedy is where she is best, but would it be the same?  Also, SNL isn’t like it was when she was a host the first two times, would they be able to spot light the comedy that we all know she is capable of doing.

The show started off great.  Lindsay allowed herself to be made fun off by the SNL writers and they did a great job of it.  Jimmy Fallon made an appearance along with Jon Hamm (from Mad Men)  who was there to be a replacement host if anything went wrong.  I was really hoping that Jimmy Fallon and some other SNL cast would have been on there to do some old skits, but that didn’t happen.  The show was actually pretty funny.  Of course towards the end, it did go a bit downhill but Lindsay did a great job.  We also got some more Jon Hamm during the show.

Now we gotta just figure out what wrong with her face


  1. When I saw her, I didn't even recognize her....for someone who gets in SO MUCH TROUBLE, she gets SO MANY opportunities, it's CRAZY! I really miss the Lindsay Lohan with RED hair though....

  2. I am excited you is making a coming back. Lindsey is a Cancer like myself and we are very very emotional. We allow our emotions to get the best of us. That is why she is such a good actress because she really feels the role. I hope to see her mature and make a great come back. I am happy I stumbled up this post because I didn't see the SNL episode.