Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not those pink camouflage pants again...

As we know in fashion, one day something can be in, and the next day it can be out. While reading through my magazine pile, I came upon a trend that made me roll my eyes, Military. The only reason that the return of military influence in fashion makes my skin crawl is the camouflage look. Yes you know what I’m talking about, lookin like you just left from hunting wild game… People feel like its ok to wear camouflage everywhere, and in every color. Ugh, the horror. As I thumb through my stack of magazines that contain fall fashions, I actually spot very few pieces that actually contain the camouflage pattern.
What are present are the military style jackets, which is paired with skinny jeans and boots. Flawless. The look is also being paired with the new color of the season, Camel. Don’t get it twisted and say khaki, its Camel. Some of the Camel colored items that are being showed are being made with luxe materials to make them look so creamy and dreamy. These items can be worn for seasons and never be out of style.

So please do not let me catch you in some hot pink camo pants or there will be hell to pay…

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