Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Outfit!

I definitely love to shop; being able to buy something new gives me that brand new feeling inside. What I like even better is finding great sales on top of buying something new. One thing I won’t do is buy something because of price or the latest style unless the item(s) are right for me. No matter how much I wished I had that style, if it doesn’t look good it’s staying in the store. There are factors that go along with purchasing clothes, which I feel many people are bypassing and it’s shown in their daily attire. I am very aware that clothes are suppose to fit but I am also knowledgeable that it shouldn’t look like you are squeezed into the clothes cutting off your circulation aka looking like you are in your younger siblings clothes. People are determined to wear whatever, whenever and has people looking like who did that and why?? It doesn’t matter your size, just make sure it is actually your size. Not all styles work for everyone, just because it’s the trend doesn’t mean that it’s for you. It’s not cute to see your stomach hanging over your pants or your body not looking proportional. There are many people that are not pleased with their body type but everyone has to work with what they have. Word of advice get clothes to flatter your body because otherwise the style is not flattering and technically is not a style at all. Save your money and save your feelings from getting hurt, only buy what works for you and not our celebrities or your friends.

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