Friday, September 14, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 9

Last week, Alicia was kicked off.  It was no surprise.  Her work was just eh, nothing special about it.    That’s the thing with Project Runway; you have to be versatile in what you can create.  Your main thing might be sportswear, but you have to think out of the box in order to win and succeed.

Today is the textiles challenge!  I love this particular challenge because it’s cool to see what they can come up with in terms of patterns. The challenge is to create your own fabric inspired by your cultural heritage.  Mondo makes a guest appearance and so does the families of the designers.

Elena gets really emotional. Which is kinda weird?  Christopher is having a hard time creating a pattern.

Tim said Ven’s outfit looked like homage to a menstrual cycle. Tim Gunn for the win

The families get to join the designers for the challenge.  Mondo Guerra, winner of the season 8 HP challenge, is the guest judge along with Anya Ayong-Chee who was the winner of season 9 HP challenge.

Elena and Fabio is safe, which is a shame cause I think those had to be the ugliest patterns made.
Melissa, Dmitry, and Sonji are in the top.
Ven, Gunnar, and Christopher are in the bottom.  All deserving, to be there.

A very boring episode if I do say so myself, until they brought out Tim to talk about Ven.  I had to wait til the last 15 minutes for that to happen.
Dmitry is the winner of this challenge… good choice.  It was between him and Sonji.
The person who was out… dang.

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