Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion’s Night Out: North East Mall in Hurst, TX

I was excited. I could not believe that my favorite mall in the world, North East Mall, was celebrating Fashion Night Out.  This was unheard of.  I seriously thought I was going to have to go to Dallas to check out the some hot fashions and socialize with other stylish divas such as myself.  There is every type of store at NE mall, from Nordstrom to Forever 21.  Whatever your budget range is, it will be there.  I expected it to be off the chain.  
I left work early so I could go home and change.  I didn’t take any pictures and I will explain why later.  I put on some jeggings, a t shirt and some cute shoes; I didn’t want to overdo it.  My Aunt K went along for the ride and to see what was gonna be in the goody bag.  Oh and to get free snacks.

What I expected when we got to the middle of the mall was music, people, runways. I expected to see fierce fashions on beautiful women sashaying down a long runway. Flashes going off everywhere, tons of fabulous people eating and drinking beverages.  I got nothing like that.  What I got was four tables and a line.  The line was to get the stuff for a scavenger hunt before you get your goody bag.  There was a table with some food on it.  The food was brownies and bruschetta.  That’s it.  There were people on a stage, modeling clothes.  They would just stand there for just minutes at a time and then a new girl would come up.  Don’t ask me where they came from. Next to that was a table with soda and water on it.  All coke products.  THEN, they had a cardboard cutout of a man and you could replace his head with whatever celebrity you wanted to take a pic with.  I shit you not.

Aunt K and I grab the stuff for the scavenger hunt.  You had to visit at least four stores and get a stamp, return the paper with the stamp to get a prize.  We started over at Macy’s and were caught up with the perfume lady longer than expected.  She tried to sell me every perfume under the sun.  Next was Cache’ and they defiantly do not have big girl fashions, so we got our stamp and walked on out.  We headed over to New York and Company, and they had some tasty cookies.  The clothes are cute there and some of them fit me, but not many.  The last store we checked out was Francesca’s and it was pretty nice in there.  They didn’t have any big girl fashions, but the accessories were pretty nice looking and I figured it might be worth another visit.

We head over to the main table to grab our goody bags.  What a letdown.  The bags were mostly filled with coupons and what I think is a mirror that I still can’t get open.
Overall it was a bad experience.  I don’t get what they were trying to accomplish with the lack luster event but I will be hesitant to go there again for Fashion Night Out. And this is why i didn't take pics

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  1. Aww I'm sorry! You should've went to Galleria or North Park. I went to Galleria and it was pretty neat. Go to either of those next year and I'm sure you'll have a better experience!

    Check out my FNO experience at my blog: Bellaesque.com