Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gossip Gossip Gossip....

I know things have bee a little quiet over here in Pop Culture Fashionista land, but it’s the holidays. Some of us are busy and some of us (like me) are just sick. We haven’t forgotten about you guys…
Ok back to the task at hand… GOSSIP
The biggest piece of news today is… Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton! The wedding is said to take place in either the spring or the summer of 2011. They have secretly been engaged since October and finally made the announcement today. They met in 2002 and started dating a year later. No word on what Kate will be called once they are married; it’s all up to Queen Elizabeth on that one. (Did you know that in 2012, Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years?!)
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo are engaged! They have been dating on and off for 4 years now.
And not to be out done or forgotten, Jessica Simpson (Lachey’s ex-wife) is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson… I figured that was coming… she hadn’t been in the news lately. Rumor is that she had to pay for her own ring… WOW!
Former President Bill Clinton is set to make a cameo appearance as himself in the movie Hangover 2. I got no jokes for that….

More gossip to come later….

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