Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thrift Store Finds!

Hi, I’m lalaG, and I have a shopping addiction.
Yes I must confess, I love to shop and I can’t get enough of it. It’s the thrill of the hunt that gets a high for me. It makes me happy to have something new with tags looking oh so pretty hanging up.  Here are my problems, first I have a job where I wear a uniform, and second, I’m broke.  So I needed a solution to feed my addiction and I started looking around on blogs and got some ideas on what to do.  Going to thrift stores is my new way of shopping.  Not only does it feed my addiction, the money also goes to different causes (depending on the location) so it’s a win- win situation. They have a ton of stuff in where I went to and it was more organized that I thought it was going to be.  The particular day we went on was 50% off of pink tags and pink tags were hard to find.  My main goal was to find an item that I could use in multiple ways or add something to it or have it tailored to make it different. I searched every rack for items. I hit the jackpot with what I found. (Sorry, I took these with my camera phone)

Its a black jacket from Jessica London

With this black jacket, I plan to take in the sides to give it a less boxy feel, take out the very thin, but bothersome shoulder pads and then I’m going to add rhinestones or studs to the shoulder area.  I was also thinking about changing the buttons on the jacket, but I’m still not sure about that yet.
The other items I found were just things I needed and wanted and I won’t be doing much changing to them.

These Lane Bryant pants are perfect for work. Very nice and clean and I don’t have to get them hemmed up at all to fit (I’m 5’2” ish)

This dress was to die for! Totally a summer dress, but here in Texas, summer will be going on and off until March. I can wear a sweater, a shrug or even a jacket with this with this.  I was taking off the dress and if you snip the tags off, this dress is totally reversible and you can rock the solid blue color on the other side.
Just a few tips before you start searching the racks at a thrift store
1.       It can be time consuming, so it’s best to know what you want, but with that said…
2.       Expect to not find something you specifically looking for because all stores are different and they don’t carry the same things. Its stuff that’s donated!
3.       Find out what days they have specials or the busy days.
4.       And just have a good time, you might find something that you weren’t even looking for!

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