Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mad for Plaid!

Ok… Just a quick announcement I’m gonna make. Instead of posing stuff of clothing I can’t wear of trends we like at Pop Culture Fashionista, I’m posting stuff that in my my size and I like it I’m gonna buy it. Ok? Understand?  Let’s go!  Dont get get me wrong, i'll still post for all sizes, but stuff i like, my sizes.
I am simply mad for plaid.  I simply adore it.  Searching through my closets, I come to find out that I only have two pieces of plaid in my wardrobe. One is a blue plaid shirt from Tommy Hilfiger that I most likely bought at a garage sale years ago. The second is a plaid dress that I picked up from Old Navy on Thanksgiving Day.
I am on the hunt!  I want to add a few plaid pieces to my collection that is going to look cute anytime I wear it. With plaid you can dress it up and down.  What I really am specifically looking for are blazers and shorts.  Yes plaid shorts. I took the idea from another website and saw them with some blue tights. They were too fierce looking.
I like for my jackets to be very well structured blazers, and to not be in the traditional sense of plaid colors (i.e. Blues and reds) or what you might commonly see.

Both jackets can be found on  Avenue's website

For the shorts, I’m looking for those red and blue type short colors because you won’t see those on everyone else.  Yall know I like to be different. I also am looking for the ones that aren’t exactly knee length, because we all know you can’t rock those with tights. I'm having an absolutly hard time of finding those pics... but when i do, ill post them

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  1. 90 % of my family were wearing plaid thanksgiving day! i guess we're all mad for plaid! lol!