Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Kennedys

Have you seen the movie poster for The Kennedys that is airing on the History Channel?  Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes look eerily like John and Jackie Kennedy on the poster for the movie that will be showing in early 2011.  The Kennedys will be the History Channel’s first scripted movie series on the channel.  Also in the movie, Barry Pepper who plays Robert Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Jr. If you don’t know who Barry Pepper is, then check out some of his roles in such movies as Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, 61 and 25th Hour.  Pepper is an awesome character actor. The Kennedys miniseries will go into more of the personal relationships within the Kennedy clan.
Everyone is talking about how much Katie Holmes looks like Jackie, but what about Greg Kinnear?  He looks exactly like JFK in that poster.  Maybe it’s the positioning of his head but….
Im so excited about this!

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