Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mini Makeup Haul at Walgreens

Makeup at Walgreens
I am not an expert makeup blogger.  Compared to some people, I am just a beginner at applying makeup.  I know the basics but there is so much more I need to learn about. The one thing that I am starting to get really good at is eyeliner.  I can remember the first time I tried eyeliner at a Mary-Kay party and I thought I was gonna poke my eye out with that stuff. Now I can apply it in one swoop and not mess up at all. 
On Tuesday, I needed to go to Walgreens and pick up some items and as I walked in I saw it…. The orange tags on makeup!  The orange tags mean that items are on sale, from 20% to 75% and sometimes more.  I was more than excited because I love a good sale.  So I searched high and low.  There were some items that were still too much out of my price range and then there was stuff I didn’t even need to buy.  Then I came across eye pencils from Wet N Wild.  I always buy eye pencils because it’s hard finding the right ones.  Sometimes I find some that go on perfectly but then either fade or melt away by the days end. The others that I might find are hard on the eye and you have to practically poke your eye out to see the faintest hint of color on your eye line.  They had a few on sale so I grabbed a few colors, Gunmetal (green), Gold Pewter (Gold), Antique Amethyst (Purple) and Cobalt (Blue).  I love color and the brighter the better, I’m not gonna shy away.  I was also looking for more of these colors in richer hues, so today was my lucky day.  Each pencil was $1.59 each (I don’t remember the original price)
I did a swatch on my hand and putting them on they were pretty soft and no tugging was happening and I applied it to my hand.  I would have put it on my eyes and taken a pic but I have another blog that I’m gonna show you my handy eye work, and well my camera sucks at those pics.
2. Gold Pewter
3.Antique Amethyst
4.Cobalt Blue

I would buy these pencils again and at full price (lol) and I will do some pics with them on my eyes.

(All products were paid for by me!)


  1. I love those colors!!!! I need to hit that wet n wild up at walgreens.

  2. I felt like a kid in a candy store... i might go back today....