Friday, December 17, 2010

Playing in Makeup…CVS mini makeup haul

I am sickly and on my deathbed. Ok not so much my deathbed but I am sickly and I needed to get some cough drops and tissues so I wouldn’t spread my germs to everyone out there.  When I walk in to CVS, I never go straight to the aisle that I’m supposed to go to, but I go to the makeup. My eyes go automatically to the sale items and there are some goodies on sale! I went over to the L’Oreal section and saw that they have a few items on sale.  The High Intensity Pigments (H.I.P.) Shocking Shadow Pigments were on sale for 75% off!  I picked up 2 colors, Unashamed and Fiery.  They come in a small container that is 0.05 oz. each and comes with “Professional Brush”


Unashamed is a purple-ish type of color and I decided to use the brush that came with it to see how things would work out.  If you are using this color, a little is all you need.  I poured a small amount into the cap and that gave me ample amount of coverage for my eye.

only used Primer on my eye

Fiery was a color that I was afraid of. It’s a hot pink color and normally I would have never picked up something like this but I saw a coworker rocking a hot pink eye so I figured I could too.  I was so right.

Only used Primer

Both colors went on smoothly and needed very little product to use on my face. I can’t wait to buy more of these products.  They are normally 12 dollars and now I know how well they work, it would be an investment to purchase these at full price next time.

Also if you are looking for a way to get color on your eyes but not pay a fortune for different color eye shadows, Color Concept has eye shadows for you and they are only $4.99 for about 50 colors!  This can be a great gift or if you want to try out new colors.

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