Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ryan Reynolds + Scarlett Johansson = DIVORCE

Yes, yet another couple has decided to split in 2010. The once couple, Ryan Reynolds (26) and Scarlett Johansson (34) who was married September 2008, has decided to end their relationship. The use to be couple, split about two weeks ago. Another magazine source informs that, Johansson enforced the split. Johansson reported that time was the major problem in their relationship. They seemed like they never had time for each other. Johansson working on "Green Lantern" and Reynolds working on "Iron Man 2" had conflicting schedules. Reynolds and Johansson released a report to TMZ saying "After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we've decided to end our marriage. We entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it. While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated." So there you have it, maybe we can make it without having another couple split before the year is over!

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