Thursday, September 2, 2010

My letter to Paris Hilton

Dear Paris Hilton,

and wow...

the first mugshot.
Honey, I know for you, life aint been no crystal stair. You come from an extremely rich family and you don’t have to worry about the simple things in life, and I know it’s hard. The Hilton name hasn’t been this popular since Nicky Hilton married Elizabeth Taylor. You resort to doing drugs and because you are so rich, you can afford to have people take the fall for you. Well sista, this time it aint going down like that. For some of the readers, you might have forgotten the other incidences of Ms. Hilton getting in trouble. How can we all forget the arrest for drunk driving out in Los Angeles? Ahh… that had to be a highlight in the Hilton family name. That mug shot was PRICELESS and when they had to send you back to jail and you were crying, unforgettable. You were doing pretty well for awhile doing clothing lines, putting out perfumes and getting paid to go out. You had “calmed down.” Well earlier this year things started to change. During the World Cup in South Africa, Ms. Hilton was arrested for smoking marijuana. The charges were dropped after a “friend” admitted that she was really the one who had the drugs. You could not pay me enough money in this world to take the blame for some drugs in a foreign country. I watched Brokedown Palace; I saw what they do to people in jail. I also know none of my friends would take the blame either. On August 28th, Paris was arrested for possession of cocaine. The cocaine fell out of her purse after a police officer had to escort her to a bathroom after getting pulled over. The reasons why Paris and her boyfriend were pulled over because of the strong marijuana smell coming from her SUV. Wonder what the reason was for her having the drugs? Paris simply stated that the purse was not hers and the drugs didn’t belong to her. GTFO! Also found in her purse was medication to help her wheezing and zig zags.
 Now let me just stop here and inform some people because some of yall don’t know what zig zags are. They are rolling papers, for cigarettes and other substances such as… hmmm… marijuana. I’m just sayin… Paris is now learning that there are consequences to your actions. First, her boyfriend (who was also arrested for drunk driving) lost his job working for Wynn hotels. Second, Paris is now being banned from hotels in Las Vegas. So far two hotels have banned her from entering the facilities at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore. Well Paris, this is what happens when you make poor choices like these in life. Now I know you won’t get the book thrown at you, you have money, but one day people will get tired of what you do and how you do things and they won’t do business with you or want to be associated with you. Try some A.A. meeting or something honey….

Yours truly,


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