Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Famous $25 dress

Drum roll please and a round of applause goes to …. Drew Barrymore for wearing the $25 (from a vintage store in Austin, TX) dress proudly. I absolutely get frustrated when people feel if you are not wearing hundreds of dollars on each sleeve or you’re not covered in name brand clothes from top to both that you don’t have any style. Please don’t get me wrong, designer clothes are awesome but the reality is that not everyone can afford name brand clothes. Many who still can’t afford name brand clothes struggle to buy them only because they feel the need to clone everyone else. I have many friends who can shop at Payless and come out looking fierce. It’s not always about how much you pay for things it all about how you wear something, matching the right items together, and accessorizing. Working with what you have instead of buying more expensive items is important in this culture today, especially the way the economy is. Now I know she was rocking a pair of $760 pair of pumps but she wasn’t afraid to wear a dress that wasn’t equivalent in price. This shows her bold side and I for one like it and wish we would see this more often. Oh and check out the movie trailer "Going the Distance" with our famous Drew in it coming out September 3!

Going the Distance trailer from

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