Monday, September 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Update

I like the red hair so much better
Ok we all knew it was coming, more jail time for Miss Lohan. A couple of days ago Lindsay tweeted that she had failed her drug test and that she knew she had a problem.  Now if this was a normal, un-celeb, we would have been in jail an hour after this drug test. Not Lindsay... countless websites and news shows showed Lindsay strolling on Robinson Blvd in L.A. shopping like nothing was going to even happen to her.  Then on Friday, Lindsay strolled into the court house rockin 6 inch Louboutins that cost $1395 dollars. Yes, dollars. Lindsay strolled on in like it was nothing and then it happened, she was sentenced to another 30 days in jail. Now the key word of that last sentence... was... because the judge decieded to overturn his ruling and Lindsay was released on $300,000 bond. Yes, dollars again. It is rumored that she will go back to rehab... but we all see how that turned out the last time....


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