Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gossip Girl---- "Bells Du Jour"

Ok I know some of yall out there are closet Gossip Girl fans, you aint gotta hide your guilty pleasure here on the pages of Pop Culture Fashionista.  I absolutely love, love that show. If not for the fashion, then for the drama (and you know I love other folks drama.)  Well this season premiere was everything you ever wanted and more.

So much going on… Blair (my fave person on the show) and Serena are living it up in Paris doing what they do best, shopping and chatting up the lovely French boys. Blair and Serena are enjoying the time they are spending together in Paris, but Blair lets Serena know that she is happy that she will be at Brown University in the fall and not having to live in the “Serena shadow.”  What Blair doesn’t know that Serena was accepted to Columbia University (Blair was accepted last season.) It seems like Blair is having such a hard time looking for love when Chuck Bass is still in her mind and heart, but while standing in front of her favorite painting, Blair runs into someone who she thinks is her knight in shining armor, but is he?
Back in the states, Lilly and Rufus come back home from traveling and Rufus decides to give Dan a ring. Well if you didn’t see what happened at the end of last season… Georgina is knocked up and Dan *rips open envelope Maury style* is the father.  Well that’s what Georgina says…
Nate is whoring it up with Chuck’s little black book. He meets a girl who tried to play hard to get, but they run into each other again at an event Lily is throwing… more on that later
Vanessa shows up to Dan’s apartment with her hair still looking like a bad wig and she finds out the big secret Dan had been hiding and why he was AWOL for the summer.
Lilly is worried about Chuck and rightfully so… so she starts doing some investigating. She looks into his banking records and find out he is doing some un-Chuck like activities, like traveling on a train and in coach no less… Lilly starts to think that something is wrong…

Blair and Serena go on a double date with the guy she meets in the museum. She finds out that he is a driver for a prince, and not the actual prince. This changes her attitude on the whole date. She starts to treat him differently and pays more attention to the prince, who happens to be with Serena. Blair then gets a phone call from her mother who tells Blair that Serena is now going to Columbia (Lilly told her.) Blair runs outside and Serena follows, and they have a moment.  When I say moment, I mean Blair pushes Serena into a fountain.  Blair goes back inside… blah blah blah… The guy is actually a prince. Wanted to find out if Blair liked him for him and not because he was a prince.
Blair goes back to the hotel and finds Serena packing to go back home and Blair pours out her heart to Serena about missing Chuck and living under the Serena shadow. They make up, again.
Chuck is still alive. Shacking with a chick who doesn’t know he is Chuck Bass, and all the charges that were showing up, was actually his…
No Jenny and her dark makeup this episode.

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