Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gossip Girl---- “The Undergraduate”

Gossip Girl---- “The Undergraduate”
Ok… so sorry about last week’s lack of Gossip Girl review. Trust and believe I wanted to post something, but you know how that goes.
The episode started off with the “Gossip Girl” site being down. Some wondered if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but if you are a true fan of the show then you know Gossip Girl still gets all the good info about what’s going down.
Apparently there is this “club”, Hamilton House, at Columbia that all the most important chicks are trying to get into. This includes Blair and Serena.  When the dynamic duo show up to get a key (which is a necklace) some of their old rivals are there to greet them. Also in the mix is Juliet (Nate’s new crush) who happens to be the key master. Of course there is one key and everyone thought the key would automatically go to Serena. Um no, it goes to Blair. Yall know this Juliet chick is up to something…

Dan is playing single dad and Vanessa decides to move in to help him out with Milo. Rufus knows that Milo isn’t his grandson and has Dan do a paternity test. For those who have never seen a Gossip Girl concerning Georgina, the baby isn’t Dan’s (DUH). Georgina comes back from her “spa” week (which really a trip to the beach) and takes Milo from Dan and gives him some sob Georgina story about why she did it (Mobsters).

Eric is back on the scene and he finds out that Chuck is gonna be lurking back around New York, so he decides to go to Rufus and snitch. Chuck in the past had tried to get his freak on with Jenny before and now Rufus know. You know who else knows about that, Lily. She said not to worry, and you know she runs that house. Chuck hasn’t come clean about his past to new chick, Eva, but slowly but surely it does, but she still sticks around.

Back to Blair and Serena… Well Juliet is trying to pit Blair and Serena against each other and it seems like its working.  What Juliet forgets that this is a secret society in which past members have a say in who gets in. Yall all know that Lily was a past member… There is even a mock fight that is staged between Blair and Serena which is awesome. The truth comes out and Juliet is kicked out.
Best line of the night....
"Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish". (Blair on Juliette & Nate)
i love me some Blair.
can't wait for next weeks

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