Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 5

Well I think we are on episode 5… well anyway, Buffi was kicked off.  Her poor choice in fabrics and poor craftsmanship was a factor in her getting the boot.  

On this episode, the designers are teamed up together to create work ready but editorial looks for Marie Claire magazine.  The designers will be working in 2 groups and a majority of the people hates this idea.  The designers will also get to be over the photo shoot for the look.  Because of the uneven numbers, one team will make five looks and the other will make six.

Team Six is already having issues.  Raul.
Team Five, great concept, Fall into Color…  There is gonna be a problem with this team. Gunnar.  
After the designers come back from Mood, one of the bags for Team Six is missing. Elena might have a stroke. She doesn’t like the color pallet they chose; she doesn’t like a damn thing.

Let me just add this really quick cause if I hear one more designer say this I’m gonna freak out… They keep saying that they want to show their own personality as a designer.  PLEASE GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.  The fashion world is ever changing and if you don’t change and keep shit fresh, you will get left behind.  You are never working alone; you are trying to please a client.  You can still be yourself and be cohesive part in a group challenge.

One way monkey…. No I ment one trick pony. HA!

I need Elena to be off this show.  She is very negative and a bitch.  

The guest judge is Joanna Cole, editor of Marie Claire magazine.
For the first time in Project Runway history with a challenge like this, there is a tie.  They talk to Five and love the designs. Except for Gunner.
For the Six, they love everything expect for the ruffle top made by Raul.

Two puppies wrestling in a sack.  Boy they had some great lines.
No shock on who was kicked off today


  1. Oooh I see I have somewhere to go to dish about the show! I love it... watched every season since it' s been on.
    I was happy to see Buffi go, her work honestly sucked to me. Elena is a cuntbag, I do agree but I like her attitude, lol!

  2. ive watched pretty much every season too! i love Christian Sirano's season the most. i cry everytime i see it