Friday, August 31, 2012

Project Runaway Season 10 Episode 7

I’ve already thought of this season’s Project Runway was already just a tad bit whack, Ven’s actions from last week cemented the deal.  The only reason I’m still watching is to see where this is going.

Nathan was let go last week.  The way things were going, it felt like there might be two people leaving the runway, but we were let down when Heidi decided to keep Ven

The designers and Tim take a trip to Lord and Taylor on 5th avenue.  The designers are creating a cocktail or evening dress and then the winning dress will be manufactured and included with nine other dresses from previous seasons’ winners of the challenge.  The collection must be cohesive with the previous winners’ designs.  There is no budget because the materials are supplied to them by the manufacture, J S Collections.
The women are having a really hard time with this challenge.  I would have thought since they are designing for women, they should be able to create for women.

“Who puts a harness on a baby doll dress?” hahahahahahaha

The president of Lord and Taylor, Bonnie Brooks is the guest judge for this week.  There are some really great dresses this week made by the men.  I love it.  The women didn’t do too badly this week as they thought they did.  By far, my favorite dress of this challenge has to be Dmitry.  His was awesome, but he wasn’t in the top.  There was actually four in the top and two in the bottom.  There were some ladies in the top!

“You came up with something that looks like a field hockey uniform.”  Oh Michael Kors, I love you.

The ending tonight… I can’t believe it... Although I kinda saw it coming.

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