Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 5 or 6….

Yea I’ve lost count of what number episode we are on.  I need for some more drama to happen cause its getting predictable… 
Raul got kicked off. AGAIN.  And it was well deserved cause he sucks at challenges. Oh and its episode 6...
I have a feeling I’m gonna wanna punch Ven out just from the previews.  And Elena, but that’s a given.
Heidi brings out some on to the stage and of course, Elena is first to complain.  She says something like these are just people and they have nothing to do with fashion. BITCH.  Heidi tells the designers that the people on the stage are not exactly the clients they have to design for but they have a friend who is in need of a style makeover.   Tim and the consulting hair expert for L’Oreal Paris, Johnny Lavoy is waiting in the work room to discuss the challenge with the designers.  The clients have been assigned randomly and the challenge is a one day assignment.

Of course you are gonna get all types of people, women who dress in men’s clothes, plus size, super skinny, all types.  Ven has to realize that people who buy his clothes will not be all straight stick thin ladies. He is being a complete dick.  Dmitry took it a different way, he said his client was plain, but saw it as an opportunity to create something beautiful.
Gunnar actually seems human in this episode.  His described his clothes as being for the average woman.  He is growing a lil bit on me. Not much tho.

Ven is plus sized; he needs to not forget that and remember he is no damn where near skinny. He said something so tacky even Elena said she lost respect for him. I thought Tim was going to punch the hell out of Ven in the way he was describing his client.  I’m about to cry just seeing her upset.
There is a client whose name is Ko-Rely. I freakin love her!

Heidi is working this red, black and white striped dress. Get it girl. Special guest judge is British designer Alice Temperley.
I am in love with Fabio’s dress! It’s absolutely amazing.  I also love. .. Wait for it… Gunnar’s.

The people who I thought would be in the top and bottom is exactly where I knew they would be. Gunnar, Dmitry and Fabio were in the top.  I fast-forwarded through them.  I needed to get to Michael Kors critiques.   Sonji, Ven and Nathan are in the bottom two.

Michael Kors had on some Chucks…

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