Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Ep 4

Ok please forgive me but I have no idea who was kicked off last week, well I don’t know which one.  There was a man and a woman left. Ill get back to that.
Oh wait, his name was Raul.

It’s the start of the show and someone is missing… its Andrea (the old lady).  She gets up and just leaves in the middle of the night…

The designers head over to Michael Kors’ flagship store on Madison Avenue.  Tim starts talking about Andrea and her leaving the show.   

“Fashion is not for sissys!” oh Michael Kors

This challenge is the Michael Kors Challenge; the designers have to create a look for a woman on the go. A look that represents the designers, but yet has to be comfortable and fashionable.   The buget is $150 and one day to complete.
So while everyone is in the studio and they are discussing Andrea and her decision to leave.  Christopher feels incredibly guilty and even blames himself.  Then Quan (the Asian kid with the afro) decides he wants to leave too!  People start crying! It’s a hot ass mess.  Tim comes in and gathers everyone around.  Andrea sent an email saying that she is fine and doesn’t want to be on the show anymore. Tim is flabbergasted.  Quan interrupts Tim and tells him that he is leaving.  Quan wants to do his fashion in his own way.  Tim looks visually upset, I do not like this. Two designers in less than 24 hours out the door.  Tim comes back and also brings back Raul!  Everyone is happy that Raul is back, except for Ven.  He says he is a complainer. Whatever.

Fish Whistle.

I wish Ven would stop being so damn fascinated with Raul.

The special guest judge this week is Hayden Panettiere.  And on a side note, she is a singer? UM OK.  We are treated by a second guest judge, Rachel Roy.  Heidi is rocking a fierce one shoulder, leopard print dress this evening. Love it!  I thought Buffi’s dress was gonna be a complete mess, it was way better than I thought.  There are some designers are showing the same thing every time.  It’s starting to get old to me.

The people in the top and bottom, not a shock at all.

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