Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2

Unfortunately Beatrice was out last week, which was undeserving, but that is just my opinion.

Hold up, they get a Lexus if they win?  Way to step up your game Project Runway.

This episode’s challenge starts off at Dylan’s Candy Bar.  For those who don’t know, the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar is Dylan Lauren, the daughter of American designer Ralph Lauren.  This challenge is the unconventional materials challenge; create a look out of candy. The budget was $250 but Dylan gave them 50% and so they got $500 dollars’ worth of material!  A majority of the designers are very inspired by the candy challenge.  If you were a fan of past seasons, they usually do this challenge, so they should have been prepared.

Christopher and Gunnar are gonna have a bitch fight. I just know it. #TeamChristopher Gunnar is the type of person to start stuff just because he can.  He thinks Christopher is out to get him but he isn’t…. 

There is one designer… lawd help her.  She aint ready for all of this.

Elena gets burned on her leg with the hot glue gun.  Maybe she should have worn pants instead of short shorts… and she is about to have a nervous breakdown
There were some good, bad and horrible.  It’s a candy challenge and when you use non-candy elements, and then it’s a problem.  I loved Sonja, Ven, and Fabio.  The bad ones were Andrea and Lantie.  
Its gonna be no shock on who gets cut.

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