Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Episode 4

The designer who was kicked off of episode 3 of Project Runway All Stars was Jordana.  Her dress for Miss Piggy was cute, but not for an opening for a movie.

For this episode, Diane Von Furstenberg tells the designers what the challenge is for this week. The designers are to make a tasteful dress that is inspired by gelato. The some of the colors are kiwi, chocolate, cantaloupe and many others.  Oh… and the designers are to make the outfit in six hours. This is the fastest challenge in all of Project Runway history.  For some, this is an easy project.  At the three hour mark, there are a few that are almost finished, the others; they are having every problem in the book. Sewing machines, hot glue and lack of fabric are bringing chaos to the lives of some of the designers.

Diane Von Furstenberg and Miranda Kerr were the guest judges and Miranda would wear the winning dress to an industry event.  Some of my fave dresses were by Jerell, Michael, and Mondo. They were all so flowy and soft and beautiful.  Mila’s dress was beautiful and it had color but it had a few imperfections.
This week’s winner is not a shocking pick… I love it.  Tonight’s elimination…. I really didn’t see that coming. I just… wow

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  1. I don't have cable but I wish I did so I could watch this! Go get the skirt! I got mine at Grapevine Mills. Kiah