Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars

Tonight was the premiere of Project Runway All Stars and I have never been more excited.  The best “losers” of past seasons come back to duke out for some of the best prizes.  The prizes include $100,000 in technology, $100,000 in cash, and a designer’s boutique in Neiman Marcus, a chance to serve as guest editor in Marie Claire magazine, and spread in the magazine.

For this new installment of Project Runway, don’t look for Heidi, Nina or Michael.  Model Angela Lindvall will serve as host and designers Isaac Mirzrahi and Georgina Chapman will serve as judges.  Of course there has to be a mentor to the cast and Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles will take Tim Guinn’s place.

The list of the returning all-stars:
Kenley Collins — Season 5
Michael Costello — Season 8
Gordana Gehlhausen — Season 6
Mondo Guerra — Season 8
Mila Hermanovski — Season 7
Kara Janx — Season 2
Elisa Jimenez — Season 4
April Johnston — Season 8
Rami Kashou — Season 4
Austin Scarlett — Season 1
Jerell Scott — Season 5
Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn — Season 4
Anthony Williams — Season 7

This episode was everything I wanted and more… mostly because of Anthony Williams and his sayings.  It’s a toss-up on who is going to win this season; everyone is still talented and hasn’t lost their touch on creating beautiful pieces of work. 

Tonight’s assignment was to create an outfit from 99 cent store materials and the contestants had a budget of $100 dollars.  Some of the top designs came from Rami, Jerell and Mondo (of course.) The creations looked like they just walked off the runway. Simply amazing.

The elimination of the night wasn’t a huge surprise. I saw it coming and I’m really glad that this person is gone (come on, did you re4ally think that I would tell you who was eliminated tonight.)


  1. I watched it as well! Love the show. Im excited to see what Mondo does...
    Anthony is a trip
    Love him!

  2. OMGGG I missed it :(

  3. I loves me some Anthony! when he came back after getting kicked off the last time... and then came back and won. I wish Kinley would fall off the earth. I love Mondo. So talented! I want to have high tea with Scarlett... Everyone has something different to bring to the table

  4. I'm so excited to watch it!I wish Koto was on there too!

  5. love it! good ideas a much fun!