Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Runway All Stars—Episode 2

So for those who watched last week’s Project Runway All Stars, **SPOILER ALERT** Elisa Jimenez was eliminated.  Although her runway ensemble was different, it didn’t quite tell the story that it was supposed to tell.  Actually the story was written on the sleeve and you had to read it.  Kinda hard to do that from the runway…
its different...

The guest judges, Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka, came out and talked to the contestants and presented them with the challenge.  The challenge was to create an evening gown that was romantic and sweet, and for the opera (or so I think), and they only had one day to finish the dress.

The top and bottom designers that were called were bit of a shock to me.  After seeing Mondo’s dress, I would have defiantly expected him to be one of the top designers.  There were a lot of beautiful dresses that did come out on the runway.  One my faves, Anthony, was one of the top designers of the night.  My second fave, Austin, was up there too. The person, who I thought was going to win the challenge, didn’t and I’m very sad on who was eliminated.

So far, each episode shows each of the characters in different ways in compared to when they were first on Project Runway.  Now because they have seen each other’s season, they know the competition’s weaknesses and strong points.  With some of the contestants who might have been stronger in season’s past, some of their weaknesses are coming out sooner than expected; they are doubtful after watching some of the “stronger” designers.  These designers should remember that they are on here for a reason; they didn’t win the season they were on.  It’s still anyone’s game. Don’t give up hope yet.  There are also designers that have a new found confidence about themselves.  In past seasons they were seen as the weaker designers, but this time around, they are first to show how well they can sparkle.

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