Monday, January 9, 2012

The Firm--- Is it worth my time?

I remember when John Grisham was the go to guy for lawyer/mystery novels back in the 90's.  The Firm was Grisham's first novel that I ever read and I couldn’t wait for it to become a movie.  Eventually the book was made into a movie starring Tom Cruise, Ed Harris and Gene Hackman.  I wasn’t the biggest (and still not) Cruise fan, but I figured I’d take a chance.  I was happy that I took a chance, until the end.  I despise when the ending is not the same as the book.  Everything ended all hunky dory in the movie, not so in the book (this happened with Pelican Brief, and I still don’t know who did it in that movie.)

When I heard that NBC was creating a television series after the film, I really knew then that Hollywood was running out of ideas.  I mean how many times can Mitch (the main character) be put in these situations?  I had my doubts until I saw who the new Mitch McDeere....was

Yes you see that correctly, that is Josh Lucas.  NBC must have been reading my mind because just recently I had asked myself, "Whatever happened to that super fox Josh Lucas?"  I am so glad that he is working.  Lucas has such talent and charm, the women will be watching just to look at him (or at least I will.)  The always entertaining Juliet Lewis is also in the cast as Mitch's secretary. I love crazy.

Let’s see how the first episode goes...

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