Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Runway All Stars ep 3

Last week we had to say good bye to one of my faves in the competition, Sweet P.  Her dress that she created was pretty, but not exactly a ball gown for the opera type of pretty. 

On episode 3, the designers have to create a stunning outfit for the super fabulous Miss Piggy! All the designers are ecstatic about designing for Miss Piggy, well maybe not Anthony.   This week, Isaac wasn’t there but Eric Daman (costume designer for Gossip Girl) took his place as a judge.  Some of my personal faves of tonight were Anthony, Mila, and Austin.  Out of my 3 faves, 2 were in the top/bottom 6. 
I only wish that Antony was in the top 3 because he created something that was totally different from everyone else.  Mostly everyone chose pink, pink and more pink.  I wish they would have stepped out the box more.  One of the designs that happened to be in the top 3 was a total wreck, in my opinion.

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