Friday, January 13, 2012

Halle Berry is not engaged!

Halle Berry has told the world once; she will never get married again…  After her divorce from Eric Benet, Halle said she would never get married again.  In the last week, the magazines rushed to press with pictures of Halle wearing an emerald ring from her boyfriend Olivier Martinez.  Pics were snapped and many people jumped to conclusions.  US magazine printed on the cover of the magazine, “Halle is engaged!”  Tabloid shows jumped on the band wagon, found the footage of her saying she would never get married again, and gave their opinion on why she changed her mind.

Unfortunately, everyone was wrong.

The emerald ring that Halle is rocking from her boyfriend is just a promise ring.
Don’t you just love when people jump to conclusions and get stuff wrong.  I LOVE it!  

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  1. I wouldn't get married again!! She needs to just enjoy life! haha Kiah