Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Runway All Stars—Episode 5

The designer who was kicked off last week was …. April.  April had great intentions with her dress but lack of fabric and over styling made her the obvious choice in who was going home.

For this week’s challenge the designers were to find a muse in the park to inspire a fashion forward look.  The designers then had to convince the “muse” to give them their clothes off.  The budget was $150 and you could use the money to help bribe the muse for the clothes and the rest for fabric at Mood.  50% of the look had to come from the clothes of the muse.  The good news from this challenge is that they were given 2 days to complete the look.   A few of the designers had issues in chatting up people to give them their clothes and some, like Anthony, had no problems at all. All Anthony had to do is ask, and a guy came out of his pants.

Once in the work room, a lot of designers struggled with completing a look once getting back to the workroom.  Always at the last minute, the designers always pull something together.  The guest judge was NHL star and fashion trendsetter, (this guy interned at Vogue) Sean Avery.  Some of my favorite designers of the night were Mila, Austin, Rami and Anthony.  The designers in the top and bottom six, all of them deserve to be where they were placed.  The person who won… I should have saw it coming.  The person who was kicked off… *epic side eye*

Quote of the night:  “Kenley is too loud.  If a black person says that you are too loud, you are too damn loud.”- Anthony,  Project Runway All Starsisode

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