Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Runway All Stars--- Episode 6

I am so sad by the departure of Anthony from last week’s show.  It took me a minute to come with the reality that he will not be there anymore.  The outfit that he created was amazing, but it couldn’t be judged because he didn’t follow the rules.

Angela comes out with bags… weekend bags.  Each of the bags has a luggage tag with each of the four seasons on it.  The designers have to create sportswear for a weekend look and the budget was $200 dollars.  It became a competition. Whoever had the same season as you, that’s who you were competing against.  As the episode went on, there happened to be some apparent copying of designs and the designer was called out on it.  Someone wasn’t a happy camper!

The absolutely lovely Cynthia Rowley was the guest judge for this episode. My absolute faves were Mondo, Kara, Kenley, and Mila.  As for the two designers who were having the copy issue, well I didn’t have a fave.
Well I should have seen the winner coming and as for the loser… damn this is anyone’s game….

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