Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Runway All Stars—Ep 8

We are getting gown to the fip inal 6 and the competition is getting HOT!  Kara finally got the boot (she should have been kicked off awhile back, but I’m not a judge.)  I liked Kenley’s outfit, but it didn’t fit the particular guidelines of the challenge, but she made to it through the next round.

The beginning of the challenge takes place in front of the United Nations building and all are excited.  The challenge for the designers are to design a dress inspire by the flags of the country of the major world regions.  The countries are Chile, Greece, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, India, and the Seychelles.   Each will select a flag and the colors and the culture will influence the look.  The budget was $200 dollars.

At first, some of the designers started off kinda rocky, making the dresses look too costumey.  I will say this, some of the costumes where completely out of the box, which is a good thing.  And some looked like they were about to enter a pageant!  The absolutely fabulous Catherine Malandrino was the guest judge for this challenge and was picked because she created an entire collection based on the American flag.  My faves where Jerell, Mila, Mondo and (shock) Kenley.  Kenley’s dress was sooo different from the rest and that makes it unique! 

It’s down to the final five… who do you think is gonna win it?

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  1. I am so behind :( I love your blog by the way.