Friday, January 21, 2011

In what the H*ll news…

I was going through on my Facebook page and ran across this little ditty of gossip…
Jim Carrey is dating a former America’s Next Top Model contestant… say what? Carrey was seen leaving with Anchal Joseph from season 7 of ANTM.  Joseph is 24, while Carrey is 49… and has a daughter the same age… and a grandson.  You think about that for a minute.
A collaboration I didn’t see coming… Clint Eastwood and Beyoncé are getting together and remaking A Star is Born.  This is the fourth time this movie will have been made and Eastwood is locked in to be the director of the movie and Beyoncé as the first confirmed leading star.
Rob Kardashian has been offered 45K to pose naked for Playgirl. Well his sister did it…
Antoine Dobson has a reality show in the works.  It will show his move from Alabama to West Hollywood.  They are now looking for a channel to carry the show.
Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash have a new show on VH1 that’s being produced by Queen Latifah called Single Ladies… they are calling it a “reality show” but this is nothing like a reality show. Its soooo scripted.

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