Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you rockin Neon Colors in the Spring/Summer?

Apparently designers jumped in the way back machine and they are taking us back to the 80’s with neon colors being prominent in the runway designs.

Christian Siriano

Jil Sander

Michael Kors



For those who are afraid of neon, the easiest way to rock neon is accessories.  Neon bags, shoes, jewelry and even makeup, can be the safest way to add a bit of pop to your wardrobe.
For those feeling a little bit more adventurous, wearing at least one piece of clothing in neon is the best way to go about this trend.  A person can wear neon colored shirt, and then a piece of neutral colored clothing will help balance everything out.  Black, white and camel colors will bring everything together.
The ladies who want to make a statement in what they wear, go for it and choose a neon pant, skirt or dress.  You are sure to be a head turner.

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