Monday, January 24, 2011

In movie news…

Did anyone hear about this?  Anne Hathaway is being cast as Catwoman in the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Do you think she can compare or be even better than Michelle Pfeiffer or Eartha Kitt as Catwoman?  We all know she will be better than Halle Berry.  Tom Hardy who was last seen in "Inception" will be the character Bane.
Johnny Depp is playing Tonto in the big screen adaptation of The Lone Ranger.  No word on who will be portraying the Lone Ranger but this will reunite him with director Gore Verbinski and executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer who he worked with on Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. Anne Hathaway. While I think she is lovely, and talented, Catwoman she is not. I just don't see it. In all actuality, I hope she blows me away. My thought on who would've made a great Catwoman? Blake Lively. Seriously...what does the Dark Knight series have against blondes? Katie Holmes. Maggie Gyllenhall. Anne Hathaway. Are there no good colorists in Gotham?

  2. LOL you are a mess... i would have went the Meghan Fox way... but i do see the blake lively...