Friday, May 18, 2012

OOTD: Mixing Prints and Weddings

 I really love a good wedding, especially if there is really good cake afterwards.  I was invited to the wedding of one of my very awesome friends, Indi.  The wedding was outdoors and held in the back yard that has been converted into a Biergarten.   What’s a Biergarten you ask?  A place of awesomeness… ha!  Normally when there isn’t a wedding there, it has tables and chairs and it’s a great place to spend spring and summer evenings.  You can bring beer, wine and snacks for your enjoyment.
Aunt K

The wedding was on a nice, sunny Saturday evening and a nice breeze came through to keep everyone cool.  My dates for the wedding were my Aunt K and my mum.   We picked a table that was under a tree to help keep us to be even cooler from the Texas sun.  Each table was simply decorated with wine bottles, jars, tree branches, candles, and roses.  The wedding was casual, but you know I had to bring out the best for the wedding.

Sweater- Lane Bryant/ Dress- Macy's/ Necklace - JCPenneys

There was a program that you could pick up when you came in that listed the times for everything, the wedding party and could be used to save your seat (so smart!)  The first part of the evening was the popcorn bar and beverages.  The popcorn choices where buttered and cheddar dill (I think) and I picked the dill.  It was heaven in my mouth!  We grabbed a few beers and sat and watched the people fill in. Dinner was served and it was a buffet.  Very simple but elegant; salad, steamed veggies, either lasagna or chicken parmesan.  Oh and more beer.

After dinner, the ceremony began.  Indi looked so beautiful in her short wedding dress and Tom’s.    If you knew Indi, you would expect exactly what she wore from her.  The wedding party wore melon colored dresses and shirts.  I hardly ever cry at weddings but this one made me misty. I think that all the love that surrounded Indi and Chris (the groom) just got to me.  Seeing my friend happy made me happy.
Maid of Honor- B

Indi and Chris

The night ended with great conversations, laughter, love and more beer. 
Me and B--- (how fast they grow!)

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