Saturday, May 12, 2012


A few weeks ago after a stress filled Spring Break, I took a road trip down to Austin.  Elisa (my road dog and partner in crime) loaded up the SUV and went to go see our friend Patti.  The second we started leaving the city, I could feel all the stress leaving my body and bliss overcome me.  There is something about seeing the open Texas sky that just does something to me… all that wide open space, beautiful night sky,  is all just simply amazing. 

When we got there, I was just tired and wanted to sleep, and that’s what exactly what I did.  I know I know, I did not just come all this way to sleep, but I did.  The next morning we went to Park Lane Café and I had some of the best cheese biscuits with some awesome homemade gravy and eggs. YUM!  From there we went to get a pedicure. Yes, a much needed pedicure.  This place was packed about 10 minutes after we got there and we got a manicure and pedicure for fewer than 40 bucks!  They did a hella good job.  I just wish I could remember the name…

After that we went to the Bob Bullock Museum and we found out that an animal auction was going on.  Almost ruining the experience, but I love Texas history, and we combed every single section of the museum, including the Texas music.

Afterwards we went to Red’s Porch on South Lamar.  It came highly recommended from our friend Christa and I know she would never lead us to a bad place. OMG the food here was AWESOME.  The drinks were AWESOME.  If you ever go down to Austin, please go.  My words will never do it justice; you just have to experience it for yourself.

Later on that night… there was more drinking.  Patti and Elisa went out, but I stayed at home to sleep… Yes to sleep.  I told yall I needed the rest.

The next morning Elisa and I went back to Red’s and I had the best shrimp and grits. And Mimosas. Oooh and those Boudain balls… damn.  Afterwards we went thrifting and we found some really great items.  The only thing I don’t like about thrifting in Austin, everything is sorted by color, not by size.  So if you find something, you pull it out and look at the size and become pissed cause it’s most likely not your size.

We hit the road that evening… but not without a stop at a Dairy Queen outside of Waco.

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